Minggu, 16 Desember 2012

Can I Call You My Candies?

Hello! It's already 9 days to christmas right? but no, i'm not about to post my christmas nails yet. I'll post it about D-3 pr D-4 maybe.. so just wait :p

This time i wanna show you my and my cousin's latest mani, i'm using soooo many colours this time. You can call it kinda candy-like-mani (does the name make me look like a confuse-writer?) hahahaha
Anyway, my cousin's nails that just done by me yesterday. And because we were really in a hurry so i need a nail-dryer to make hers dried faster. This nail dryer i got from a lovely nail-art-kit shop named KimKim Shop. She has sucha pretty collections of nail art stuffs.. :D

First, here is it! My cousin's, Tissa, nails. I made it as sweet as candy. And i hope you wont get any trouble with your tummy and teeth after having this post because they're contain of many sweeties.. hahaha kidding

For the pattern on every nails i made dots, lace, line, and also the combination of it. Because her nails are sooooooo tiny so i'm using dotting pen from FaceShop to make it much neater.
You can see the nail-dryer is sooo cute! It's simply adorable so i just cant avoid not to buy one :p
It's so effective to dry your nails. You dont need to blow or fan it because the nail dryer itself works like a little fan.
And one more good thing about this kit, it's so cheap. i bought it for 45.000 rupiah or it's about US$ 5.. worthy, right? :D

And last but not least, i'll show you my candy mani. As always and just like what i did on Tissa's nails, i was using pastel colours. They are:

Sparkling Pink top coat by Etude - OPI Dulce de Leche - Revlon Lily - Peach by Etude - Baby Pink by FaceShop - Lemon Drop by FaceShop - Baby Blue by FaceShop and also White Dotting Pen by FaceShop

and by using these polishes and pen, i made two kind of mani. For my left hand, i made kinda 'rainbow' mani. Combining those colours and finishing touch by the dotting pen.
And to make the rainbow, i made it layer by layer so i also need the help of the naildryer so the polishes will dried faster so i can make the rainbow more quickly than if it's dried naturally.
Here how they look like..

And for my right hand nails, i made a simple glittering mani. I'm using different colour for the base coat on each nails and i covered it with the glittering top coat from Etude. And guess how's the result? Cuteeee! The sweetness almost kill me! hahaha
Here check em out:

I may say that the pinkish glittering top coat from Etude is one of must-have-item for all of you nail-lovers. Maybe if you have no time to make your nails, you can just use it and voila, it's done very pretty :)

4 komentar :

  1. woah, the nail dryer just so cute! is it really rp. 45.000? O_o
    it's kinda cheap for nail dryer I think :D
    and your nails, as always, pretty cute and adorable!! I prefer your left hand, but your right hand is sweet as well. good job!! I'll try it someday >.<

    1. Yesssss, it really is only 45.000 rupiah! :D
      i never know about the price of nail dryer but i know it's so affordable hehe
      aw, so happy that this mani ispires you ;)

  2. WOOOW!
    your nails are awesome ( I love the glitter you used on your right hand)...both hands are really cute. ohh I want a nail dryer too,I will search on the internet or somewhere because seeing this post made me realize how useful a nail dryer is.

    1. Aw thank you, sweet heart. Yess! You should try one. It helps a lot, i think :p