Rabu, 19 Desember 2012

I Wish You A Merry Christmas

Finally, Happy Xmas everyone! i've been waiting to post this, and how about you? Have you seen some of the teasers of this post on my Instagram feed and Path? If you havent it's okay because you can see it here :p

I especially made a christmas edition mani for you! And i really wish that you'll have a happy and merry christmas day *hugs and kisses!*
and how about you nails, have you all made your nails for the day? Have any problem with dont-have-any-inspiration thingy? So maybe this post will answer you problem ho ho ho

This time, i'll show you my two version of christmas-nails. You know, first i tried to make a red-xmas-nails. So i was only use OPI The Spy Who Love Me as the base colour and for the pattern i drew it with dotting pen from FaceShop. Actually it wasn't that bad, but i just dont think it's good enough :p
This is how my red xmas nails turned into a cute mani (i almost thought it was soooo damn good and dont want to change it ever ever again! hahaha)

What do you think? Good enough, huh? Noooo, just wait until you see my second attemp..
I make it more more colourful than the first one.
This time i also used OPI Alpine Snow as the base colour. And i also drew reindeer, snow man, snowflake, christmas three, and SANTA CLAUS! Favorite man ever, i always wonder if he does really exist in real life hahaha
Here how i did my nails for this xmas event and finally i satisfied with my job. You know it needs 3 hours to thought about the concept, what to drew on each nails, and the painting process itself. But i'm glad it turned out sooooo cute! I should thanks this christmas atmosphere that really bring me a really good idea for my mani :D

And voila! The face behind the nails, hahaha let me wish you happy christmas.. from Santa Lady! :p

And this time i was also wearing a pretty collection from Marie Antoinette's Window, i'm soooo in love with the dresses and their details. They're just so into the christmas' atmosphere, arent they? <3

And also if you realize, there're some pretty stuffs like the mini chalk board, you can find it here:

Okay, last but not least, here some close-up pictures of my xmas-mani..
So, are they help you enough to get some inspirations about what to do with your nails, lads?
Good luck then.. and happy christmas! :)

4 komentar :

  1. you look so pretty, girl!! and pretty nails too :)
    Merry Christmas dear


    1. Thank you!
      and happy xmas for you and your family too ;)

  2. you are right, the second one is more happy. I like the first one too,but the second one is pure joy!
    You are very cute, nice to finally meet you (see you :D)