Senin, 10 Desember 2012

Seduced by The Flirty Leopard

Recently i saw so many animal prints mani on others' blogs, google, instagram, and also pinterest. They did cows, pigs, giraffes, and most of them did leopaaards! Aww, I really love the last one. You know, who dont? Leopards print can be done with any colour as long as you put the print people will know that you just did it. For example, the Katy Mani that i just did last time, the leopard print i made on my nails done with pink and gleaming purple and it still look as leopard, isnt it? :D

So, this time, i'll make it one more time (i cant handle myself not to do it because so many people made it and the results are sooo pretty!) and this time i'm using my favorite pastel colours, lemon drop, lilac, mint, and of course pink..

My left nails done with lemon-drop from FaceShop and lilac colour from Revlon. And for the spots i made it with black dotting pen from FaceShop. It really helps me recently, so easy to apply and sticked welll with the other polishes.. here they are my left nails..

What do you think? umm my first impression after i saw my lilac-lemon coloured nails with those spots i just think that.. i need to try with another colour! hahaha

Umm wait, are you curious to see the step by step?
if you dont, could you please pretend to be a lil bit curious about it? because i already make the step by step hahahahaha
here is it, the step by step to make the spots, go go go!
i make it in 4 steps and you can see it from left to right :)

And these are all that you need to make it,
1. base colour (polish)
2. spots colour (polish)
3.  dotting tools or dotting pen to make the spot outline

So, i made my second attemp by making the more flirtatious than the first one.. with pink! and after choosing some colours to be combined with pink, i choose the adorable mint colour from Revlon..
and here they are! My right hand nails painted with pink and mint, and also.. dont forget the spots! Rawr!

Those are all the spot i got, how about yours? Do you have your own version of leopard prints mani?
It's gonna be fun to see the other versions of it! yeayy :D

10 komentar :

  1. These are so cute! I'm terrible at nail art so always look at nails like yours with such envy, haha xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

    1. Thank you! Ahh, you just need to practice a bit and you'll be better than me :D

  2. they look sooo pretty in this pastel colors! I really like them <3

    1. Thanks! first i think i've messed the spot with the pastel colour, but i'm happy that you and some friends said that it looks good ;)

    2. Thanks! first i think i've messed the spot with the pastel colour, but i'm happy that you and some friends said that it looks good ;)

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  4. I really like pastel colors, but in this case, I really really love the second version of your flirty leopard. I never think that pink and mint could be so good looking! It just so so cute!! Aw~ And thanks for the steps, I'll try to make it soon.. :D

    1. Thank you! hihi same as you, i think i prefer the pink-mint one hehehe, and yes, you're very welcome. i'm happy that the step can help you :D

  5. woow, they are so pretty and i love pastel colors too:)