Kamis, 27 Desember 2012

Twist The Knot

Finally it comes, the end of this year. So, what have you prepared for the new year eve? Hope you'll have a great great year ahead ;)

This time i'm gonna show you my new mani. I get the inspiration from pinterest anyway hehe. Such an adorable interlocking knots from finger to finger, very cuuute! I really like it since the first time i saw it. I also made my mani just like the examples that are already on pinterest's page, i use mint color and white, and black colors for the strap.

And these are my very own version of pasel-knotted-mani, please call my baby 'twist the knot' !

Mint - Jaded by Revlon | White - Alpine Snow by O.P.I. | Black line - Black dotting pen by FaceShop

And this is how i made my twisted knot mani :D

So easy, right? I'm pretty sure all of you can make it at home. Remember, you dont need to go to the nail-salon to make one like this. If you want to go to the salon ask for the complicated one, ok? hahahaha
You just need to try and practice..

Good luck and happy (early) new year, anyway! :D


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  1. Pretty! I saw this on Pinterest too ^..^

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  2. Oh, wow this is so beautiful! I love the colors you used too-so fresh and lovely. I don't do my nails very often, but for a cute bow mani like this I just may start! Love it :)

    1. Aw thank you, katie! Yes, you should try to do your nails once and you may being addicted to do it :D

  3. Wow,amazing.*_*
    Thank you so much for the follow and the long wait.
    Follow you back now on gfc (35).
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin,too???

    1. I really rarely open my bloglovin' account but.. i've followed yours just now ^^

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