Minggu, 29 Desember 2013

We Will Never Too Late For Christmas

Hello ladies, first of all i wanna say merry christmas and so terribly sorry for this really late post :(
i was having a very bad cold couple days ago and couldn't manage myself to do the post.. but like what everybody said: it's never too late for christmas! I hope it's true so you can forgive me to post my christmas manicure today (it's already xmas +4 days).
ps: i hope you still have your christmas tree stands and your fireplace still burning so the christmas and the winter atmosphere are not over yet when you read this post :p

Btw, this year i have 3 designs of christmas manicure. They are: Minions, Basic/standard design (like santa, rudolph the reindeer, etc), and last The Christmas Tree. The reason why i make 3 designs is because i really confuse to choose on of them. I got many inspiration from Pinterest, instagram, and many blogs that show so many gorgeous christmas nailarts. So i do all that i love to do on mine hehehe

Here they are my 2013 Christmas Manicure, The Minions, The Christmas (Basic) Atmosphere, and The Christmas Tree!

For the nail polishes i use to do my entire christmas nailarts this year, i think it's also my fault that i completely forgot to take a picture of them, but what i remember so far these are what i used to do those 3 designs:

- Yellow : Electric by Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel
- Red : Fire by Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel
- Green : Emerald by Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel
- White : White nail polish by The FaceShop
- Black : Black Dotting pen by The FaceShop

- Yellow : Electric by Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel
- Red : Fire by Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel
- Green : Emerald by Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel
- White : White nail polish by The FaceShop
- Black : Black Dotting pen by The FaceShop
- Brown (reindeer face) : Dulce de Leche by O.P.I.
- Light brown (Santa face) : Sheer Rose by Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel

- Yellow : Electric by Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel
- Red : Fire by Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel
- Green : Emerald by Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel
- Gold line : GoldenEye by O.P.I. Skyfall Collection
- Blue : Can't Find My Czechbook by O.P.I. Euro Centrale Collection
- Purple : You're Such A Budapest by O.P.I. Euro Centrale Collection


So ladies, what did you do on your nails for this christmas? Do you have any different ideas and do you still have it on your nails? Dont remove it too soon, because i bet you'll miss it. Even that the day already over, even that you already open your present, even that the new year is about to coming soon, i know you'll miss your christmas. So, are you really ready to change your christmas manicure into another theme? For the new year nailart i think you can do it at december 31st morning :p


Rabu, 11 Desember 2013

Let's Meet Our Lovely : Zooey Deschanel

Hello all, i can't believe it is now December already. So it means, in a few weeks we will see the new year. Seems like it's just yesterday we were celebrating the new year of 2013, am i correct?
Anyway, to start the final month of the year (gosh, really convoluted hahaha), i mean to begin our December, i'd invite you girls to get closer with this adorable lady, who is very pretty, talented, and of course you all know her. She is Zooey Deschanel. Oh god, i really admire her! You too, right? She is very well known through her movie "500 days of summer" with her very unique role yet confusing. But what i want to talk more about Zooey here is her hobby which is the same as all of us here.........guess what.. she looooves nailart! Our lovely Zooey really like nailart and never forget to dress her nails up at every opportunity and at every single of her step on the red carpet <3

What i will never forget about Zooey is what she said about plain nails. Have you ever heard about that? It's when Zooey said that plain nails make her sad and it makes her sad. Oh really, Zooey? It's not only you because all of us really know how it exactly feels! Plain nails or even worse, untreated-plain-nails make us really sad and bad-mood. If most women always said they might have a-bad-hair-day, so us, a nailart lovers, we also had a-bad-nails-day. It's when we can't do our nails and let the nails plain/nude because we're too busy, have no time, lack of inspiration, and so on hffffftt

Here's a video where Zooey talks about her serial 'New Girl' and also nailart, really happy to hear what she said here :

So that's why here i want to give you a lesson: even a busy woman like Zooey won't let her nails go plain. We will never had a time except we make it. Because if you really want to do your nails, there's no such reason like have no time, no inspiration, or whatever. Because inspiration can be found everywhere around us and time, we have 24 hours per day and sometime we spend it for some stupid things like day dreaming or watching commercials on tv, huh? Pick up your polish and do your nails, girls!

As an extra inspiration, here i give you some from our inspiring lady Zooey Deschanel. Her lovely nails and her beauty really match well anywhere and anytime, how about yours? Dare to have a pretty nails everyday? Let's start by tomorrow!

So, which one is your favorite? I really love her gold movie stripe one! I hope you're getting inspired. And never forget this: never let your nails PLAIN. - xoxo

Sabtu, 30 November 2013

A Bite of Sweetness

Ladies, anyone here loves cupcakes? and anyone loves cupcakes but have no desire or even courage to eat it because it will make you fat? hahahaha *sometimes i do think so* :p
so for everyone who also think like what i've mentioned above, how about having 10 cupcakes at one time without gettin fat? It's so easy, what you need is just a pack of polishes..... because now i will tell you to make a cupcake manicure! :D

Even there're so many inspirations and tutorials on the internet that you can find to do cupcakes manicure, i will just try to make my own version of cupcakes mani for my dear readers. Here they are....

1. put a base color just on the tip of your nails, it's kinda little half of your nails. In this example i'm using Suzy's Hungary AGAIN! by O.P.I.
2. do a stripe with different color of polish, this time i'm using black and do it with the dotting pen by The FaceShop.
3. make the cake 'pattern', it's up to you about the colour but mine is white and i'm also using dotting pen by FaceShop because it's really easy to do it with this pen.
4. fill the pattern with the same color, so i fill it with white color.
5. do the cherry on the top of the cake by using small dotting tools. The cherry red color is using Spy Who Loved Me by O.P.I. and the leaf is using Emerald by Revlon.
6. do the sprinklesof the sweeties on the cake by using smaller dotting tools. Use bright and colorful polish so it will appeared yummy!! :D

This is how my nails after i finished baking all of them :p

Don't you think they look yummy? I hope they can reduce my hunger and desire from eating cupcakes :3
Have you try one on your nails? Let me know do they also appeared yummy or not!

Selasa, 19 November 2013

Revlon Best Friend Package Review

Couple months ago, it was September 2013, i received a really pretty package from Revlon that finally i knew that i just won their bestfriend photo contest yeaaay! The package contains of 2 tiny beautiful jars with make up and nail polish kit inside. The make up were Revlon BB Cream, Revlon PhotoReady Primer & Shadow, and Revlon Just Bitten Kissable. And the polish was Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel. Me and my bestfriend were so excited that time and especially me, with the nail enamel of course!
So this time i want to share a piece of our happiness here. First, let us show you the sweet package that we receive, here they are~~~

and here i wanna share and review a bit about the Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel by Revlon, it's kind of nail polish but it's thicker than the regular polish or we may say, another polish that we ever tried before. Umm, to make it simple, just compare it with the Top Speed Nail Enamel by Revlon that i usually use, it's thicker that the Top Speed one. And this Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel stay longer on our nails. If the other or regular ones are stay about 1 week, this one can stay about 2 weeks. But 'stay longer on nails' doesnt always mean good or much better that the others. Because it means, this Colorstay nail enamel cannot be removed easily like the other one. But, i seriously recommen you guys to try this one up because how hard to remove it from your nails, this product is really worth to be tried!

This package brought us 2 color to be tried on, they were..... Midnight and Velvet Rope.
Midnight = kind of dark blue - grey or is it a soft dark blue hahaha whatever it is you can just see the pictures below.
Velvet Rope = (from my perspective) a very very beautiful solid red, it's also a lil bit hazel i think. But anyway this color is just so me and i really love this one!

And for the complete review about the other product, i dont think i can say that much because consider that i am not a good judges for make up product, hahaha so i just want to say thanks a lot for Revlon to give me and my best friend these beautiful make up kits that we cant say we dont love it because they're so adorable yet cant be use daily! The eye primer & shadows are available in many color but our favorite was the dark-brown-one that seriously, it's so light so you can use it for daily but it also elegant so you can also do your eyes to attend a party with it ;)

And for the BB Cream and the Just Bitten Kissable, lemme say.. adequate. Because i dont think the BB Cream can blend perfectly with my skin and the 'Just Bitten Kissable', it's so easy to bring it anywhere and applied it whenever we need it but it doesnt stay long on my lips. I dont know, i just dont feel really comfortable with this one, but the color is so beautiful anyway ;)

So, last but not least, you can visit Revlon's facebook page to keep update with their products and event and anything related with Revlon, so here's the link --> REVLON FB PAGE or their twitter @revlon :)

Keep gorgeous and never let your nails naked,

Kamis, 07 November 2013

Am I Too Late for Halloween? Let's See My Manicure's Trick (or Treat)

Halloween, or as it called from Hallows' Evening or Hallowe'en, is an event or a celebration in every night on October 31st when people wearing scary mask and costume and of course do the 'trick-or-treat' tradition. In Indonesia, very few people who celebrate Halloween so i decided to make my own Halloween on my nails. And because there are soooo many inspiration i could get from my Instagram fellows, i did 3 designs this year. From the very-black one until the colorful one. Let's check my nails out, but wait, i know i really am too late to post my halloween nails but is it really no treat for me? No candies and chocolates? Oh please, so let's just see my tricky nails... Boo!

Oh before we get into the manicure, let's see the 'scary' ingredients i needed to made my halloween nails:

Revlon Top Speed Collections - Lily, Fire, Jaded, Electric, and Candy

THEY'RE REVLON CUTEST COLOR! So how do they become scary? Let's do em with some scary skeleton wooohoooo~

And my second halloween manicure was a lil bit so-into-halloween because of the black color and the skeleton (ps. they're scary i hope you wont affraid of em :p)

And last but not least, i think it's gonna be incomplete if i didnt make a jack-o-lantern as my nailart this year, please, no orange pumpkin means you're gonna be having an ilegal halloween, FYI.. hahahahaha
So, here my nails with the jack-o-lantern and also bring the monster up! (because green for monster is mainstream, i choose yellow as the color of the monster, still scary i hope :p)

So, how's your halloween? Was it just the same as mine, only celebrate it with the nails, or did you have fun with somethin like costume party and sweeties like candies? ;)

Rabu, 16 Oktober 2013

Girls' Generation World Tour 2013 - Girls & Peace in Jakarta

September 14th, 2013 gonna be a memorable day in my whole life. Because on that day i met again with my one and only idol, our lovely Girls' Generation. Previously, i had seen them in their concert in 2011 in Singapore. But this time would be very special because they were coming here, to Indonesia for the first time! So i decided not to watch the concert in Singapore this year, but replace it with a concert in my country so i wish i could hear tiffany shouted "Indonesia, put it back on!" in the middle of Genie song. And do you know what happened? She really yell it and i feel like "yep, now i can die in peace!" hahaha but really, I felt it was very complete right now..

And about the whole concert, i think if you want me to give a score, i will give 100 for Girls' Generation, 70 for the promotor who brought the girls here, and 50 for the audience. Why? It's because SNSD already give their best for their fans in Indonesia but what the hell happened with the fans? Bringing a fantastic professional camera, recording the whole concert, and didn't stay on their own chair. Really different with the crowd at Singapore, seriously. Even i sit on the premium class and i just about 5 meters from the stage, i can't really enjoy the show. The other audience keep standing and blocking my view. But overall, it was really really awesome! The girls are very close with me and i can see them really clearly everytime they came to my area. They look so angelic and unhuman hahahaha so prettyyyyy!

And my favorite member, Tiffany, oftenly walking around to the stage near my seat. But, i didnt capture so much photos, you know, just like the previous concert, i want to make the night to be mine. I want to enjoy the whole concert for myself, so i really enjoy the concert from the very first second until the girls said good bye, hiks.

But, here i will give you some pictures i got from google and another blogs, i just want to show you how perfect the girls are, and how wonderful the concert was.. enjoy ;)

And to make the day being more special, i was painting my nails with the Girls & Peace theme. I put the 'G' airline logo, pink and yellow color on white basic color just like one of SNSD clothes at the concert ( i also wore the replica of it for the concert :p) but this time, i just did a really simple nailart because i didnt have so much time to do it :( here they are!...

and last but not least, here i give you some moments i capture from my phone (last minute of the concert) hehehe