Rabu, 09 Januari 2013

Girls' and Peace Inspired Nails

Yeaaaay, this time i'll show my other activity beside nail-art-ing, it's..... fan-girl-ing!
I'm a sone and you should accept that hahaha :p so now i want to make a Girls' Generation inspired mani (again) because before i've made 'Oh' inspired manicure, remember? it's here --> OH

Now it's time for SNSD new japanese album, Girls and Peace, to be painted on my nails.
The album just arrived a couple days ago and i really love their concept. Cute stewardess with creative idea of airlines logo, it's GG Airlines! :D

I catched 2 colors concept here, it's orange-yellow and hot-pink.
So i make 2 kind of manis here..
this is the first one, orange-yellow concept!
i take their outfit from the cover of the album. And i also put their white boots and of course GG Airlines Logo! :D

And this is my second attemp, Hot-pink Girls' Generation Airlines concept!
I take it from the inside cover of the album and also, the airlines logo of course :)

So, anyone that also a Sone here?
Dont forget to purchase the album, listen to their song, support their comeback, and keep loving our genies! :D

4 komentar :

  1. ahhhh it looks great! I love the second model more than the first one, but i like them both ;)

  2. As a sone, I can say that this is perfectly done! I love both but the 1st one looks simple cute! <3
    And yes,I already bought their album. I listen to all the songs~ :D
    Ah, I hope you'll make another mani which inspired by I Got A Boy. I'm looking forward to it.. :D

    1. TGAB is just arrived at my home today. And i'm soooo confused about the mani that i may make with this concept. The concept is so crowded and messed, huh? so kewwwl, i dont think i can make a good one :p