Sabtu, 05 Januari 2013

How I Love 2013's Night Sky

Hello! Happy New Year everyoneee!
It's been couple days since my last post right? It's because i'm so busy with my final essay. It really is take my time :(((

But, even it's already late, but i hope it's not too late anyway, hahaha
i'll show you my new year nails. I did it at December 30th i think.. i prepared it for the new year eve :D
Galaxy Nails!
Yeaaayy and yes you're right! this is my very first time doing it so i thought i would messed em up.. but, i was wrong. It was so easy that i didnt find any problem on doing em.. *super-proud-nailartist* hahaha

So, what makes me doing this so-yesterday-manicure for the very-new-year?
You know, first reason is, i always curious to make it, second, i really miss SNSD's 2011 tour that i saw at Singapore last year that had a galaxy-alike-concept :(

This following pictures are my favorite. They look like stars with their shining costumes and dark setting behind. Soooo fabs!

And here they are, my galaxy nails and how i really get inspired by the Triangulum Galaxy.. it looks like dancing stars among dark, yellow, and pinkish skies.. so lovely..
So, i really made my galaxy a lil bit pink and yellowish..

If you're confused, it's right that i made my galaxy nails twice. First i made it for the new year so i put the 2013 on my ring finger and the glasses on my thumb. And after that i re-make em and put the stars on em without the new-year-atmosphere. Which one do you like the most between em? :D

And i also give you kinda step-by-step even i really am sureeee that the other's tutorial videos are much better, you can find em at youtube, pinterest, or something like that if you want ;)

These babies are what you need to make the galaxy nails:
 Base & Top Coat by FaceShop - Electric Yellow by Revlon - Twinkled Pink by Revlon - Electric Purple by FaceShop - White Dotting Pen by FaceShop - Alpine Snow by OPI - Live And Let Die by OPI

 So, are they clear enough for you? I hope they are :(
because i'm too tired to make the explanation so please you kindly read the pictures carefully you must be understand *i hope* T_T

Alright, it's already 4 a.m. here and i'm not sleeping yet.. good night, umm, i mean good morning everyone and wish you have a nice day! ^^

4 komentar :

  1. HOW COOL!! Wow.. I can feel the galaxy aura just by seeing your nails. Hahaha.. Eventhough it was your first time, you did it very well.. Love it! :D

    1. Thaaaanks! hehe :D
      actually i've tried so many times but only on one finger and it always failed. And after seeing some tutorial on youtube i could just did it easily.. >,<

  2. wooow!!they are so amazing, I love them<3
    See, it wasn`t that hard after all,hihi!

    1. Yeaaaa you're right! hehehe thanks anyway ;D