Kamis, 24 Januari 2013

I Got A Boy Inspired Nails

A-Yo! Have you listen or watch Girls' Generation latest song called 'I Got A Boy'?
The concept is soooooo different with their concepts since their debut 5 years ago, and it's just too awesome that it break the record as the most watch video on Youtube by tens millions viewers only 48 hours after the release. I bet that so many people hypnotized by their amazing comeback and so do i!
And because i'm also one of their biggest fans i also bought their album and because the album has 10 different covers, i choose Tiffany cover, my favorite member :D

And some nail friends ask me can i make I Got A Boy-inspired nails? I really doubt that i can make one because the concept is soooo chaos hahaha I've never seen Girls' Generation with a super eyecatching hip hop style like this so i dont think i can describe their concept well at my nails.
But after some failed experiments of I Got A Boy (IGAB) mani, i get 5 different designs for each nails on my left fingers. And i think they're catchy enough and can bring the IGAB atmosphere well, here they are and also which part that inspired each nail!

And these are what you need to make the mani, i try to make it easy for you so every picture contain the polishes that you need for every nail ;)
*for the details about the colour, brands, and tools you can just ask me.

And are you also a Sone and dont know where or find some difficulties to buy this album and maybe another Kpop albums and goodies? Me too! But it was before my friend suggest me to buy them at Melodiary. It's a professional Kpop store with sucha good service, fast response, and complete collections!
Do you know how hard was it to find or order Tiffany cover for IGAB album? But just right after SM Ent. release the video clip, you can order the album at Melodiary with normal price and you can choose the cover (not random)! And their response was integrated and fast. And when the album arrived, it came in a very good condition and also with bonuses! I'm sucha happy customer! >,<

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  1. Woaahh you really do IGAB mani just like my request?! I'm such a happy sone! Hahaha.. :D
    And see? As expected, you can do it pretty good, right? I can feel the IGAB atmosphere from your awesome mani! Omg love them so so so much >,<

    1. Yess, right! You're one of my friends that ask me to try it up hehehe
      i hope it's not dissapointing anyway ^^
      do you also try this concept on your nails? Cant wait to see another IGAB nails ;D

    2. Of course not! Your mani never disappoint me! Never! :D
      Hehe, unfortunately I'm not as professional as you. I can't make it even though I'm so eager to do it! >.<
      But I'll give it a try, maybe! Hehehe :D

  2. KPOP?! SNSD *O*
    I invited you to my blog
    I hope you follow me ;)

    In love, Mai♥

    1. Yes, doll! It's kpop and it's SNSD yeaay!
      i've visited and followed yours, thank you for stopping by at my page :)

  3. So so pretty. You have the patients to do this.