Senin, 25 Februari 2013

Sure You Can Do, A Happy Diet Nails!

Hello girls, is there anyone here are havin a diet?
Me too! No, diet doesnt always mean that you dont eat anything at all or just having water to get over of your hunger. Diet, especially for me, means having a healthier lifestyle. Healthy life is not only about the food, it's also supported with routine exercise, having enough sleep, and balancing the number of calories that get inside or outside the body.
And because i'm a colege student that have so many deadline to deal with, it's hard for me not to eat food that will bring so many calories to my body. And because i also have not enough time for a routine exercise, the food that i ate are turned into fat that increasing my weight.. it makes me look baaaaad :(
But.. it was a very long time ago before my friend told me about WRP Nutritious Drink. Before, i was thinking that WRP is a milk that will make people become thin. Now i know that it's totally wrong hahaha
WRP Nutritious Drink is a replacement for your meal. After havin a glass of it i wont feel hungry anymore so i dont need to eat, so that's why it works to decrease our weight ;)

I was about 53-55 kgs before i now WRP, and now, after having WRP products and do a routine exercise my weight is now 42-44 kgs ;)
And here's my post of my mani that will show you how much WRP inspires me and change my life!

WRP products that i had to reduce my weight:
- WRP Diet Tea, 15 minutes before eat
- WRP Nutritious Drink, as the replacement of my breakfast (or another mealtime sometimes)
- WRP Diet To Go, also as the replacement of my meals.

Every woman is beautiful as the way she is. But keep your body to stay healthy and ideal is not a sin as long as you did it in a right way. So, are you interested to have a diet?
Sure you can do! ;)

Rabu, 20 Februari 2013

Revlon Stormy-Sheer Cotton Swatches and Review

I just bought a really pretty baby polish from Revlon named Stormy and Sheer Cotton. Have you try em? If you havent, you need to buy at least one of em and i really am sure that it's gonna be one of your favorite polishes!

Revlon Stormy is kinda grey and brown at the same time. It looks so fabulous, dont care if your skin is dark or light, it will make your nails look simple yet glamour. So, if you're going to a party and bored with red or gold polishes, you may try this one. I even think that this colour is one of my favorite neutral polishes.

And for Sheer Cotton, just like the name, the colour is so soft and pale. And because of its softness, i need 5 coats of it ewww.. but it really is worthy because the colour is soooo good. And as neutral as the Stormy, Sheer Cotton also fine with any colour.. here it is..


So, which one is the best? I just cant choose one of em, they're really good in a different way.. So.. i think all of you cant buy one, you have to grab both! ;)

Kamis, 14 Februari 2013

So Much Hearts on Valentine's Day

Hello people, it's alreadyFebruary 15th here.. So, do i late to say Happy Valentine? :( I hope not, so first i wanna say to everyone of you, Happy Valentine's Day! Lets spread some love and be grateful for every love that you have ;)

I was about to make this Val's post yesterday but something happened with my left middle finger nail. It's broken and bleeding so i couldn't make it :(
And today, i decided to try a mani for my nails except my injured-nails, not bad, but since i made it in a hurry (i had a morning class and an appoinment with my cat salon) so it's so messy, i hope you dont  mind because i didnt even make a step-by-step as what i usually did :(

Happy Valentine's Day, nail-ladies!

My mani idea this time is HEART! Because it's Valentine, so everything should be pink, heart-shaped, and the love-atmosphere need to be appeared here, right?
So when i did my nails, i just think of heart, love, and heart, and here they are! My pink-lily colour nails with heart on each nail. Loved confirmed!

This is what happened with my mid-finger nails now, it hurts alot and it's so sad that i cant apply any polish even nail-vitamin on it :(

So everyone, did you have a romantic or a heart-full day yesterday at valentine? Was it chocolate, candy, ring, or a heart-shaped doll? Whatever is that, you need to be thankful of it. Dont measure your happiness based on other's, just enjoy and thank God for every love that comes around so it may last longer or even forever..

Sabtu, 09 Februari 2013

Happy (Chinese) New Year!

Hello everyone!
Is there anyone who also celebrate new year tomorrow? If you do, so my nails are now officially sayin 'Gong Xi Fatt Chai" it's chinese language for 'Happy New Year!' :D
I made this in the middle of my almost-die-hours after my college time and before my bed time, so i hope it's fine for you that my mani isn't that neat :''(

I'm using OPI The Spy Who Loved Me for the red lampion and red base colour for the dragon pattern on my pointing and ring fingers. And for the white base i'm using OPI Alpine Snow.. Also for the symbol of luck on my pinky finger, it's also The Spy Who Loved Me. And especially for the thumb, OPI Golden Eye was used to be the base colour. So chinese! hahaha.. Here they are!

And now, it's time for my right hand. For the right hand i'm trying to make a combination between red and gold, it's still OPI The Spy Who Loved Me and Golden Eye, and for the white pattern, i'm using Dotting Pen by The FaceShop. Soooo lovin it!

Which hand do you think is best to represent the chinese new year atmosphere? Ummi hope my both hands are :p

And lemme remind you so you wont forget to use base coat because even though you're using a really great and safe polishes, when you use dark or kinda massive color like red, it's better to use base coat before the polish, and this time i'm using base coat from The FaceShop. Their basecoat is so unique because they have not only one color as the base coat but they have pink, mint, and also baby-blue. You can choose it randomly because they're just the same and when you applied it on your nails, the color wont be seen. And for me, of course i choose the pink one, lovely!

So, last but not least, happy new year!
Gong Xi!

Senin, 04 Februari 2013

Sesame Street

This August i'll be a 22 years old girl. Is it a sign that i'll be too old to be called 'girl' ? hahaha i hope not! And i hope it also doesnt mean that i'm to old to do nailart, right? :p
Maybe now i've already in an age where i really miss my childhood. Dont you know how much i miss my playing-barbie-time and spending my sunday morning just watching cartoon on tv. Dont you miss that too? :(
So this time i'll bring you with my very own time machine into our kindergarten age where we used to live with Elmo and his fellows, yes! I'll bring you to our Sesame-Street-Year! yeaay

Dont you miss them? I miss em soooo much. And i'm sure nobody can resist their cuteness, not even my nails! And just because you cant meet them on your tv again doesnt mean you cant really see em, so here they are, our lovely furry fellows from Sesame Street!

My nails just having some new guests from the Sesame Street beside the name tag, they are Elmo, Ernie, Cookie Monster, and Bert!

Last but not least, who'se your favorite character from sesame street? Me, ummm, i think i really love Cookie Monster :p