Sabtu, 09 Februari 2013

Happy (Chinese) New Year!

Hello everyone!
Is there anyone who also celebrate new year tomorrow? If you do, so my nails are now officially sayin 'Gong Xi Fatt Chai" it's chinese language for 'Happy New Year!' :D
I made this in the middle of my almost-die-hours after my college time and before my bed time, so i hope it's fine for you that my mani isn't that neat :''(

I'm using OPI The Spy Who Loved Me for the red lampion and red base colour for the dragon pattern on my pointing and ring fingers. And for the white base i'm using OPI Alpine Snow.. Also for the symbol of luck on my pinky finger, it's also The Spy Who Loved Me. And especially for the thumb, OPI Golden Eye was used to be the base colour. So chinese! hahaha.. Here they are!

And now, it's time for my right hand. For the right hand i'm trying to make a combination between red and gold, it's still OPI The Spy Who Loved Me and Golden Eye, and for the white pattern, i'm using Dotting Pen by The FaceShop. Soooo lovin it!

Which hand do you think is best to represent the chinese new year atmosphere? Ummi hope my both hands are :p

And lemme remind you so you wont forget to use base coat because even though you're using a really great and safe polishes, when you use dark or kinda massive color like red, it's better to use base coat before the polish, and this time i'm using base coat from The FaceShop. Their basecoat is so unique because they have not only one color as the base coat but they have pink, mint, and also baby-blue. You can choose it randomly because they're just the same and when you applied it on your nails, the color wont be seen. And for me, of course i choose the pink one, lovely!

So, last but not least, happy new year!
Gong Xi!

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  1. I think the Chinese year atmosphere in your left hand is stronger. But I do love the Golden colors in your right hand tho. Cute design, the details also very good and it's neat. Love it!! <3 :D

    1. Hihi thank you, doll! Yes, i also do think so :D