Rabu, 20 Februari 2013

Revlon Stormy-Sheer Cotton Swatches and Review

I just bought a really pretty baby polish from Revlon named Stormy and Sheer Cotton. Have you try em? If you havent, you need to buy at least one of em and i really am sure that it's gonna be one of your favorite polishes!

Revlon Stormy is kinda grey and brown at the same time. It looks so fabulous, dont care if your skin is dark or light, it will make your nails look simple yet glamour. So, if you're going to a party and bored with red or gold polishes, you may try this one. I even think that this colour is one of my favorite neutral polishes.

And for Sheer Cotton, just like the name, the colour is so soft and pale. And because of its softness, i need 5 coats of it ewww.. but it really is worthy because the colour is soooo good. And as neutral as the Stormy, Sheer Cotton also fine with any colour.. here it is..


So, which one is the best? I just cant choose one of em, they're really good in a different way.. So.. i think all of you cant buy one, you have to grab both! ;)

2 komentar :

  1. If I'm not mistake, I've seen you tried the Stormy color in your nails before this. Or maybe just the similar color, or maybe it just me. I don't really remember. Hehe.. But I totally love the Sheer Cotton. It simply sweet. Gotta buy it! :D

    1. No girl, you're not mistaken. Yes i've used this one but i think i didnt post it here, i posted it only at instagram :D hehe. And yes, you need to have this oneee!