Senin, 04 Februari 2013

Sesame Street

This August i'll be a 22 years old girl. Is it a sign that i'll be too old to be called 'girl' ? hahaha i hope not! And i hope it also doesnt mean that i'm to old to do nailart, right? :p
Maybe now i've already in an age where i really miss my childhood. Dont you know how much i miss my playing-barbie-time and spending my sunday morning just watching cartoon on tv. Dont you miss that too? :(
So this time i'll bring you with my very own time machine into our kindergarten age where we used to live with Elmo and his fellows, yes! I'll bring you to our Sesame-Street-Year! yeaay

Dont you miss them? I miss em soooo much. And i'm sure nobody can resist their cuteness, not even my nails! And just because you cant meet them on your tv again doesnt mean you cant really see em, so here they are, our lovely furry fellows from Sesame Street!

My nails just having some new guests from the Sesame Street beside the name tag, they are Elmo, Ernie, Cookie Monster, and Bert!

Last but not least, who'se your favorite character from sesame street? Me, ummm, i think i really love Cookie Monster :p

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