Kamis, 14 Februari 2013

So Much Hearts on Valentine's Day

Hello people, it's alreadyFebruary 15th here.. So, do i late to say Happy Valentine? :( I hope not, so first i wanna say to everyone of you, Happy Valentine's Day! Lets spread some love and be grateful for every love that you have ;)

I was about to make this Val's post yesterday but something happened with my left middle finger nail. It's broken and bleeding so i couldn't make it :(
And today, i decided to try a mani for my nails except my injured-nails, not bad, but since i made it in a hurry (i had a morning class and an appoinment with my cat salon) so it's so messy, i hope you dont  mind because i didnt even make a step-by-step as what i usually did :(

Happy Valentine's Day, nail-ladies!

My mani idea this time is HEART! Because it's Valentine, so everything should be pink, heart-shaped, and the love-atmosphere need to be appeared here, right?
So when i did my nails, i just think of heart, love, and heart, and here they are! My pink-lily colour nails with heart on each nail. Loved confirmed!

This is what happened with my mid-finger nails now, it hurts alot and it's so sad that i cant apply any polish even nail-vitamin on it :(

So everyone, did you have a romantic or a heart-full day yesterday at valentine? Was it chocolate, candy, ring, or a heart-shaped doll? Whatever is that, you need to be thankful of it. Dont measure your happiness based on other's, just enjoy and thank God for every love that comes around so it may last longer or even forever..

4 komentar :

  1. Aww,, it must be hurt like hell right? i hurt one of my nails too some weeks ago..D: huhu..
    btw, i love your nailart like usual..so cute!


    1. Yesm it was bleeding a bit and hurt like hell ewww :( but now it's okay hihi thank you, doll! ;)

  2. Oh I know that feeling when your dearest nail is broken. I have that one experience like that in the past, and I don't wanna feel it again. Sorry about your nails.. >.<
    Anyway, I think I'm in love with this mani. Hahaha.. The colors just soooo sweeeet. Totally cute!! :D

    1. Yes girl, you better take care your nails so this wont happened to you :(((