Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

Happy Easter and Do Your Nails!

Hello everyone, i'm 100% sure that now all of you are having a looong weekend holiday, aren't you? And this holiday, some of us are also having easter. And because i really adore cute stuffs and designs, i fall in love with every easter manicure that i saw in the internet so i decided to make one. And here is it, my bunny, carrot, and of course the egg and the spring atmosphere!

And these are what i need to make this manicure..
*ps: there are so many polishes i needed here and i wont spell one by one, just ask if you wanna know the name of the colour :D

And last but now least, the most important one before all of these...... base coat!

So, happy easter for all of you that celebrate it, and also happy holiday for everyone of you! :D

Minggu, 24 Maret 2013

Half Moon Manicure

Have you ever seen or try half moon manicure? It's a very simple nailart that you can do it by yourself at home. You can find the example at nailart blogs, pinterest, or instagram. It's called half-moon because it's shapped like a half circle (moon) and placed at one side side of the nails (sometime at the tip of the nail).

And this time i'd like to show you mine, my half moon manicure also with the step-by-step, here they are!

And these are the step by step (i hope they're clear enough :p) ...

I'm not mistaken that they're so easy!
You should try it, shall you?
Good luck! ;)

Sabtu, 16 Maret 2013

I Am The Sailor

Last week, my friend and also my cousin, Tissa Florika, ask me to make her nails. After looking around for some mani examples for tiny nails she decided to make an anchor and red-white-lining on her nails to make a sailor manicure. I've seen so many sailor nails before but i've never tried it so it's not only her that exited about it, me too!

So, here they are, mini sailor nails of Tissa!
p.s. she's already took an extra care until now her nails are longer than usual :D

Just like some sailor manis you can find at Pinterest, Instagram, or even another blogs, Tissa's nails have an anchor and the rest are done with red-white-lining-pattern.
What i use to make the sailor nails:
red - FaceShop
white - white dotting pen FaceShop
blue - random nail polish

So, have you ever tried this kind of mani? Or it's also gonna be your first time?
Good luck, then! :D

Senin, 11 Maret 2013

Coffee Version of Tribals - with Nescafe

Hello nail fellow, I'm joining a competition about 'what inspiration will you get after having a coffee' so here i am with my story..
My story there tell about how much i want to play a violin and being a violinist since when i was a little girl. But  year by year i never get any chance to learn about it. In the other hand, sometime having a coffee may bring me some idea and inspiration by enchain word by word and make it like a lyric of a song. And my biggest dream was playing my own song with the violin that i play by myself. But as you know, it never been really happened. So, what's your biggest dream? You may also joining the competition anyway, but i think it's only for indonesian :(

So, if i dont bother and disturb your time, can i ask for your favor to vote me

and of course i dont forget to make my nails there (even though maybe you cant see my nails there :p), i still make it for my very own pleasure hahaha so here they are, my tribal nails inspired by Nescafe, coffee version of tribal!

Lately i really love to make tribal nails, how about you? Is it also you rnew favorite or already so-last-year-mani? :)
Last but now least, here's somethin to say about coffee..
Thank you, girls. And i hope you're havin a good time!

Sabtu, 09 Maret 2013

Visca El Barca!

Hello nails, so, first before i start to show you my nails, may i ask how many of you that oftenly watch football match here? In my family, my daddy alwayssss watch it almost everynight at tv. He watches almost every match from every championship even though his favorite team is from Spanish league (La Liga). And this few weeks, my dad's favorite team is having a difficult time. Its coach who had medical treatment in the United States can't train em so that in the last few games they did not play as well as usual. That makes my daddy's days a lil bit blue you know. So as a good daughter i decided to make a mani that can show my support for his favorite team, El Barca or known as Barcelona FC.

After looking for some mani-examples at google, pinterest, and some blogs, i try to make Barcelona logo at my thumb and the rest are done with Barca's red-blue jersey. And for the ring finger i did a lil final touch with making a number on it. It's '10' that represent Lionel Messi's number at the team. I dont know but i just think maybe my dad will like it hahaha. So here they are!

So, are you also a fan of Barcelona like my dad? Or you even dont have any idea about football? Because me too! But i love my mani, anyway.. So, Visca el Barca, eh?! :p

Minggu, 03 Maret 2013

My Very First (and So Late) Tribal Nails

Maybe for some of you (especially nailart artist and bloggers) Tribal is like.. so-last-year already. But for me, after about 4 years loving and making nails, i never try any tribal because i still choosing what kind of tribal and how to make a good one. Because there're sooooo many example of tribal nails and patterns on the internet so i try to understand first, what's tribal exactly means. So far, the only thing that i know about tribal is, it's an art pattern from aztec tribe. Yeah, inspite of it's right or wrong, i've tried one finaly! hehe

My tribal nails consist of 3 basic colors and 2 lining and dots colors. The basic colors are pink, blue, and yellow. And for the lining and dots i'm mostly using black and white so the basic colors wont be offset by the lining or the dots. So, here they are!

So, what do you think? I just pick randomly from google and from some different nailarts and applied it also randomly on my nails so that's how it turns out. I hope they look good :p
And this time i also make the step by step, so check this out:

And these are what i need to make my tribal:
White basic - Alpine Snow from OPI
Pink - Baby pink from FaceShop
Blue - Jelly Blue from Pokari
Yellow - Electric Yellow from Revlon
White and Black dots and lining - White and Black Dotting Pen from Faceshop

And i also make my right hand, it was soooooo hard! My left hand was shaking really hard that made me think that it's not gonna be turned out well.. buuuut, you will never imagine how happy i was after i saw my 5 right nails were much better than my expectation, here they are..

So, is there anyone of you that haven't try tribal mani just like me before?
I hope my step-by-step can help you or maybe inspire you. Good luck! ^^