Senin, 11 Maret 2013

Coffee Version of Tribals - with Nescafe

Hello nail fellow, I'm joining a competition about 'what inspiration will you get after having a coffee' so here i am with my story..
My story there tell about how much i want to play a violin and being a violinist since when i was a little girl. But  year by year i never get any chance to learn about it. In the other hand, sometime having a coffee may bring me some idea and inspiration by enchain word by word and make it like a lyric of a song. And my biggest dream was playing my own song with the violin that i play by myself. But as you know, it never been really happened. So, what's your biggest dream? You may also joining the competition anyway, but i think it's only for indonesian :(

So, if i dont bother and disturb your time, can i ask for your favor to vote me

and of course i dont forget to make my nails there (even though maybe you cant see my nails there :p), i still make it for my very own pleasure hahaha so here they are, my tribal nails inspired by Nescafe, coffee version of tribal!

Lately i really love to make tribal nails, how about you? Is it also you rnew favorite or already so-last-year-mani? :)
Last but now least, here's somethin to say about coffee..
Thank you, girls. And i hope you're havin a good time!

3 komentar :

  1. Wow!! Another tribal mani!! Looks so cool with that simple colors!! And I love how anything around you can be your inspiration to make the designs for your nails. So talented of you!! :D

    1. hehehe yeaaay tribals are now officialy becoming my favorite, girl! :D hihi thanksss anyway >,<

  2. ignorance is not a crime but nor sth to show off.
    violinists mostly keep nails short. if the violin's owner never tried or gave up on showing you how to position your fingers properly, then you are not an exception.