Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

Happy Easter and Do Your Nails!

Hello everyone, i'm 100% sure that now all of you are having a looong weekend holiday, aren't you? And this holiday, some of us are also having easter. And because i really adore cute stuffs and designs, i fall in love with every easter manicure that i saw in the internet so i decided to make one. And here is it, my bunny, carrot, and of course the egg and the spring atmosphere!

And these are what i need to make this manicure..
*ps: there are so many polishes i needed here and i wont spell one by one, just ask if you wanna know the name of the colour :D

And last but now least, the most important one before all of these...... base coat!

So, happy easter for all of you that celebrate it, and also happy holiday for everyone of you! :D

2 komentar :

  1. Omg its sooooo cute mayang, specially the lil bunny!! Aw~ Love it!! :D