Sabtu, 16 Maret 2013

I Am The Sailor

Last week, my friend and also my cousin, Tissa Florika, ask me to make her nails. After looking around for some mani examples for tiny nails she decided to make an anchor and red-white-lining on her nails to make a sailor manicure. I've seen so many sailor nails before but i've never tried it so it's not only her that exited about it, me too!

So, here they are, mini sailor nails of Tissa!
p.s. she's already took an extra care until now her nails are longer than usual :D

Just like some sailor manis you can find at Pinterest, Instagram, or even another blogs, Tissa's nails have an anchor and the rest are done with red-white-lining-pattern.
What i use to make the sailor nails:
red - FaceShop
white - white dotting pen FaceShop
blue - random nail polish

So, have you ever tried this kind of mani? Or it's also gonna be your first time?
Good luck, then! :D

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