Minggu, 03 Maret 2013

My Very First (and So Late) Tribal Nails

Maybe for some of you (especially nailart artist and bloggers) Tribal is like.. so-last-year already. But for me, after about 4 years loving and making nails, i never try any tribal because i still choosing what kind of tribal and how to make a good one. Because there're sooooo many example of tribal nails and patterns on the internet so i try to understand first, what's tribal exactly means. So far, the only thing that i know about tribal is, it's an art pattern from aztec tribe. Yeah, inspite of it's right or wrong, i've tried one finaly! hehe

My tribal nails consist of 3 basic colors and 2 lining and dots colors. The basic colors are pink, blue, and yellow. And for the lining and dots i'm mostly using black and white so the basic colors wont be offset by the lining or the dots. So, here they are!

So, what do you think? I just pick randomly from google and from some different nailarts and applied it also randomly on my nails so that's how it turns out. I hope they look good :p
And this time i also make the step by step, so check this out:

And these are what i need to make my tribal:
White basic - Alpine Snow from OPI
Pink - Baby pink from FaceShop
Blue - Jelly Blue from Pokari
Yellow - Electric Yellow from Revlon
White and Black dots and lining - White and Black Dotting Pen from Faceshop

And i also make my right hand, it was soooooo hard! My left hand was shaking really hard that made me think that it's not gonna be turned out well.. buuuut, you will never imagine how happy i was after i saw my 5 right nails were much better than my expectation, here they are..

So, is there anyone of you that haven't try tribal mani just like me before?
I hope my step-by-step can help you or maybe inspire you. Good luck! ^^

8 komentar :

  1. I haven`t try tribal nails until now too and I`m pretty scared to try them but in the end I will probably make some
    Yours are sooo pretty,I love them <3

    1. Thank you, Alee! Yes, i did think so before. But after having my nails done i was really glad that it's not dissapointing. I'm waiting for you to also try tribal mani then ;)

  2. Love it, looks great on your nails it's quit an eye catcher!

  3. Tribal clothes are quite popular now in Indonesia, specially in my town, Makassar. And by looking at your step by step, I'll definitely doing this mani! It looks easy. Thanks for the steps!! :D Wear tribal clothes and have tribal mani must be feels great! Hehe.. Anyway, your tribal mani looks so cool!! Not messy around, so neat!! I love it mayang!! :)

    1. Aww so you're from Makassar, hello makassar! :D
      Yes, seems like now everyone loves wearing tribals hihi so i think you should try this mani, girl! It's not hard to try ;)

    2. Hello too Jogja! Hehe :D
      Yes, I've tried this mani based on your easy steps. Thanks mayang ;)
      It's an honor for me if you want to see my tribal mani ^^


    3. I've saw yours and as you know your square nails make me jealoussss! hahaha ;)