Rabu, 24 April 2013

Turn The Gold On with Payless

As a woman, i naturally love all golden things. It increases the luxuries value for anything. So, it really is beyond my imagination when i got a pair of pretty golden heels from Payless Indonesia. It's so comfortable and help my no-party-shoes-problem since i dont have any heels to come to a party because i'm not oftenly come to a party before and i realize that i had to have one hehe :p
And it's not only fit for a party, but also for a formal occasion like meeting, go to the office, and something like that. So, here it is my golden heels from Payless, simple yet elegant and the most important thing, it's beyond comfortable! ;)

And for this special post, i also make my nails (as always) :p
I make this manicure with a new colour i bought at FaceShop, and guess what?? It really is look alike with O.P.I. Sweet Heart. Because O.P.I. Sweet Heart colour is so rare in my town so i feel so lucky to find this colour! Aaack ;D

I combined the colour with gold colour polish from O.P.I. Bondettes 'GondenEye' and make a leopard pattern with the help from FaceShop black dotting pen.

Here they are the sweetest leopard ever, stick prettily on my nails, rawr!

So, let's turn the gold on, girls! ;)

Rabu, 17 April 2013

Wide Nails Polish & Crackle Nail Polish by Faceshop - Swatches and Reviews

I found my crack nail polish that i bought last year is completely up (it's not exactly run out of stock but it rest a bit and dries in it) so i can't use it anymore. And because in my hometown OPI is sooo rare and i need to make an online order to have it, i decided to try another brand and i choose FaceShop's crackle polish. First i was afraid that it wont be as good as OPI's. Buuuut, wait! after tried it up, i think it's good enough. I think FaceShop's crackle polish has the same quality with OPI's but the price is a lil bit different.

Here's how it applied on my nails, and i also applied different colour for each nails so we can compare it which one is best to be combined with the cracks, and as i always did, i choose pastel colors here..

And do you know that FaceShop also provides a wide nails specialist nail polish? It's so lovely that they make a polish with wide brush so people who has a wide or maybe extremely long nails wont have any proble to apply polish on theirs. And also me, even i dont have a really wide nails but i enjoy to use it.. I choose a cheerful lemon color.. here how it applied perfectly on my nails :D

This is the step-by-step for FaceShop's crackle, just like another crackle polish, you apply it after the base color, and for this time i try the cheerful green wide polish as the base color:

Minggu, 07 April 2013

Oops, I just Melt My Icy Nails

Do you all realize how the weather became very hot lately? Or is it just me? Whatever it is, i just feel that the weather (especially in Indonesia) is not only really hot during the day but also at the evening and it drives me crazy pffftt -______-

But beyond all the madness, this hot weather gave me inspiration for my manicure. I can imagine that every ice would melt in this temperature. Soooo, i made that on my nails. Yes, i made the melting ice on my nails. And because i need some sweetness for my nails, they're not only a melting ice but a melting ice creaaaaam! I applied different color for each nails and for the melted part i used white polish. And here they are my melting manicure..

And here they are, polishes and tools that i need to make em:

And are you guys curious about how did i make em?
Here i made you the step by step (as always i hope it's clear enough for you because i wont give any long description words)...

Last important information about the taste!
they are ----- thumb: Stawberry ice cream, and the rest are: mint, melon, grape, and orange! :p