Minggu, 07 April 2013

Oops, I just Melt My Icy Nails

Do you all realize how the weather became very hot lately? Or is it just me? Whatever it is, i just feel that the weather (especially in Indonesia) is not only really hot during the day but also at the evening and it drives me crazy pffftt -______-

But beyond all the madness, this hot weather gave me inspiration for my manicure. I can imagine that every ice would melt in this temperature. Soooo, i made that on my nails. Yes, i made the melting ice on my nails. And because i need some sweetness for my nails, they're not only a melting ice but a melting ice creaaaaam! I applied different color for each nails and for the melted part i used white polish. And here they are my melting manicure..

And here they are, polishes and tools that i need to make em:

And are you guys curious about how did i make em?
Here i made you the step by step (as always i hope it's clear enough for you because i wont give any long description words)...

Last important information about the taste!
they are ----- thumb: Stawberry ice cream, and the rest are: mint, melon, grape, and orange! :p

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  1. Yeah, its sooooooo hot here in Makassar too!! Even sometimes makes me dizzy due to hotness overload >.<
    Anyway, this is so sweet. Make me wanna eat them!! :D
    Um just curious, how much did you buy that nail dot-pen? :O