Rabu, 17 April 2013

Wide Nails Polish & Crackle Nail Polish by Faceshop - Swatches and Reviews

I found my crack nail polish that i bought last year is completely up (it's not exactly run out of stock but it rest a bit and dries in it) so i can't use it anymore. And because in my hometown OPI is sooo rare and i need to make an online order to have it, i decided to try another brand and i choose FaceShop's crackle polish. First i was afraid that it wont be as good as OPI's. Buuuut, wait! after tried it up, i think it's good enough. I think FaceShop's crackle polish has the same quality with OPI's but the price is a lil bit different.

Here's how it applied on my nails, and i also applied different colour for each nails so we can compare it which one is best to be combined with the cracks, and as i always did, i choose pastel colors here..

And do you know that FaceShop also provides a wide nails specialist nail polish? It's so lovely that they make a polish with wide brush so people who has a wide or maybe extremely long nails wont have any proble to apply polish on theirs. And also me, even i dont have a really wide nails but i enjoy to use it.. I choose a cheerful lemon color.. here how it applied perfectly on my nails :D

This is the step-by-step for FaceShop's crackle, just like another crackle polish, you apply it after the base color, and for this time i try the cheerful green wide polish as the base color:

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