Sabtu, 25 Mei 2013

May Nail Treatment with The FaceShop

Can you imagine how much days my nails spent using polishes? It's just tooo much, but i just cant stop :(
So the only way to make my nails stay healthy is treat em well and make it as a routine. And if i'm not mistaken, i've made a post about nail treatment before, right? (you can see it again HERE)

But this time it's gonna be a lil bit different because here i wont use a traditional (natural) ingredients like honey and baby soap (is that natural? Seriously, baby soap? hahaha) Yeay anyway, here i will introduce you my new best friend to keep my nails healthy everyday! It's now as natural as honey or something like that, buuuut.. this products are also come from nature, the difference is just they're already processed by a high technology without eliminate the 'natural' benefit inside.
So, let's just meet them!
My new besties come from The FaceShop. As what i said before, The FaceShop always come with its concept, Natural Story. That's why i really love their products ;)

And here they are some nail treatment products that i've tried to fix my damage nails so far. My nails' problems are like becoming yellow, dry, and also fragile because i apply polishes almost everyday before :(

Step 1 - make sure that your nails are free from any polish, then soak your fingers (nails) in warm water. It will make your nails and hands relaxed.

Step 2 - apply the FaceShop NAIL PACK by wrap your fingers (nails) with the pack. Choose the pack according to your nails problem. Since my nails are both yellow and fragile, so i use the LEMON BRIGHTENING for my yellowish nails and the MILK CALCIUM for my weak nails. Keep it for about 10-15 minutes.

Step 3 -  Use the STEP 01 NAIL TREATMENT, it will keep your nails shiny and it also helps to strengthen your nails.

Step 4 - before apply another polish on your nails, make sure that you've applied this one, FACESHOP BASE COAT as your basecoat. It have some different colors that dont give any different effect, colour, or even smell. They're all basecoat, they're just have different look-color that will be look the same after they're applied on the nails.

So, are you also interested to do the treatments? It's so easy, right?
Maybe i just wanna say this.. Before you start to love your nails, treat them well and they will love you too <3

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