Sabtu, 18 Mei 2013

OPI Euro Centrale Minis Swatches & Review

A couple weeks ago my mom bought me nail polishes, OPI minis series Euro Centrale.. Woohoo! I really love the colour, like seriously! They're so bright and cheering. But there's my favorite one that i really love to use here, it's 'Suzi's Hungary AGAIN!' the hot pink is just too adorable and i really really can't deny that it's probably my favorite colour ever! Hahahaha (did i just being too much? :p)

However, let's just see my work, what i've done with these polishes on my nails, so here they are!

I really had no idea about what to do with these gorgeous colours so i just did... TRIBAL!
I'm using 3 of 4 colours from the minis: Suzi's Hungary AGAIN! (of course), Can't Find My Czechbook, and You're Sucha Budapest.. With the help of The FaceShop black dotting pen..

Is there anyone of you that notice this, there's still one colour that until today i haven't do any switch on my nails or even toes. Because, honestly, the gold colour of OPI - OY Another Polish Joke! is so plain, i mean, it has no particular point that make me notice that "Oh, it's gold colour from the Euro Centrale version, not the GoldenEye (gold colour from Bondettes version)". Do you got what i've just sayin? I mean, seriously, can anyone here tell me the peculiar point that i may just found in that gold colour polish? If you got that, i may do a swatches and reviews about this OY Another Polish Joke! with GoldenEye from OPI Bondettes, am i doin right? I hope so :)

So, i hope you enjoy my swatches & review. Have a happy trial!
p.s. there minis are worth to buy, and it's a must have for each of everyone of you, polish lovers ;)

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