Senin, 17 Juni 2013

Colorful Puzzle Manicure

I've seen so many puzzle-like-manicure on people's blog, instagram, and pinterest. I really love it and want to try it on my nails since a very long time ago. But i always try to make a neat design of a puzzle on my nails, even on my thumb i always do a flaw. So i stopped trying and do another mani hehe
But this time finally i can make a good puzzle! Maybe some of you can make the better one but this is the neatest one i can make. And after trying to mix and match some colors to arrange the puzzle, i choose 4 different colors to make it as colorful as i can. I pick hot pink, mint, yellow, and purple as my puzzle. Here it is my colorful puzzle manicure!

And here they are the polishes that i've picked as my puzzle:
- Base Coat : Base Coat (02) by The FaceShop
- Hot pink : Suzi's Hungary AGAIN! by O.P.I.
- Yellow : Electric by Revlon
- Purple : You're Sucha Buddapest by O.P.I.
- Mint : Re-Fresh Mint by China Glaze
- Black line : Black polish (BK901) by The FaceShop

And this time i also make the step by step.. Maybe you have different step but here i'll share mine in case if you wanna know how i did my puzzle :)

So, do you love it? Is it yay or nay? ;)

2 komentar :

  1. I love it!! I love the colors you used!! Now I wanna make one on my nails :)) Beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Aby! Yeaaah you should try it, the colors are so refreshing and cheering.. It's also easy to make, i'm sure you can make the better one than mine :D