Jumat, 28 Juni 2013

Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel Swatches - It's Time for You, Revlon Lovers!

Heho, ladies! One of my favorite brand of polish was holding a nailart competition and tomorrow the finalists are competing in Jakarta, Indonesia to show their talent at nailart-ing. And do you know that i was really happy that they called me and told me that i was choosen as one of the finalists! I cant believe that and i say thank you. But, a couple days after that, i got a news that make me canceled my participation because i cant go to Jakarta because of some personal reasons. I was so sad and felt so bad (until now i still feel so bad to Revlon and Cosmopolitan Magazine as the organizers for this event). So, to reduce my guilt, i make this post! I want to promote that event (which is going to be held tomorrow, June 29th, 2013). I hope you guys can come and see the finalists! They must be so great and dont forget that you can also enjoy the show because Revlon itself is now holding a promo. So, what are you waiting for?

And for you all, dont you know that this month (June 5th - July 7th 2013) you can get 1 free Relon Top Speed Nail Enamel just by buying 2 Top Speed Nail Enamel? It's just so yay! I really was happy after knowing this good news. So just one day after my friend told me about this promotion i go to Matahari (which is only in Indonesia) and bought 2 so i got 1 free! :D

I bought red, pink, and kinda purple polish, they are: Fire, Candy, and Vintage by Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel. Curious about how they look? Here they are, my first touch with my new babies, nail-swatch time!

 - - - - -

 - - - - - 

 - - - - - 

So, before the promo ends, go decide the Top Speed Nail Enamel that you want and go to grab yours! ;)
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