Rabu, 12 Juni 2013

Roses Are Red, wait.. Aren't They?

Hello, it seems like it's been a really long time after my latest post that i dont do any entry for my blog. It was a really hectic times that i should finish my final task :'(
So this time i will show you my very first attempt of rose manicure. Maybe so many of you have already try it or at least knowing how to make it, but i there's must be any of you that haven't, right? (i hope so :p) then, here they are, my babies with their rosie manicure..
p.s. They're contain of pastel colour such as mint and light purple as the basic colour, and the roses are not red, they're pink.

The polish that i choose as basic colour are Refresh Mint by China Glaze and You're Sucha Buddapest by O.P.I.
I prefer those colour than my other pastel colour because i love to see how the mint and light purple being together side by side but still can make a cute combination. And the mint colour is perfectly make the pink rose look much cuter (i think) hahaha
And to make the rose as the point of interest for my design, i choose white dots to make a balance here.

The polishes i used to make it are:
- Suzi's Hungary AGAIN! by OPI
- PK109 by The FaceShop
- Emerald by Revlon Nails Enamel
- White Dotting Pen by The FaceShop
- You're Sucha Buddapest by OPI
- Re-Fresh Mint by China Glaze

And this is the step by step, and as always, i still can't make a good tutorial video so this is the best i can do so far. I hope these pictures can help you to understand how to make the rose ;)
(i'm using the help of dotting tool and tiny brush to make it)

So, do you have the same steps to make the rose? Or you have another way to make it that way easier and can make a prettier rose? It's gonna be fun to share it to others, huh? So, let's do rose! :D

*anyway do you realise there's some additional watermark i put on each of my picture? I hope it won't disturb the pictures, pfftt.. I put it because i found some people use my blog pictures then post it on their instagram accounts without putting a credit on it. Maybe they're just randomly found my pictures, googling it, or whatever is that, so i hope this watermark will help them to at least knowing the source of the picture :) thx

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