Minggu, 23 Juni 2013

Social (Manicure) Media

Nowadays everyone has social media accounts for any purposes suchas looking for new friends, maintaining long distance relationship, just for having fun, selling things, and even competing. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Path, and Mavensay are used to be a media to connect one person with another so distance wont be a problem to maintain a relationship. But now, they're more like a media to connect one person with another so they can show each other what they have, where they have been, how pretty their dinner are, and i often read and see a person posts how many branded and luxurious goods their parents can bought them by saying "wow thanks mom/dad for this bla bla bla.." and never forget to attach the picture of it also with the certificate (seriously this point is the funniest).

Seriously, now those social networking sites don't even make people being a social minded person. Eveyone is becoming a brand-minded one and trying so hard just to impress people through online media. Making a situation where they think people may get jealous and think that their life is just perfect and flawless. But, think again, if everyone has the same idea about using these social medias, like how if everyone become too lazy to read or see what people post just because they're too busy preparing and post something that they think it may make people love or even want it? It will just become a big fault in communicating. We don't even know what others do because what we care is just how impressive our post is, how many likes will we got, how many new followers may come, and so on. We are sooner or later may forget the point of communicating, sharing, and exchanging opinions.

It's just some words i got in my head just right after i finished my social-media-manicure this dawn..
And its now time for you to see what i've done, this manicure consist of Path, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. I was about making Instagram too but it was so hard and i got failed so many times so i make the Path-manicure on 2 nails..
Here they are!

And there are what you need to make those nails:

to make YouTube manicure:
- Red polish by The FaceShop
- White polish by The FaceShop
- White and Black dotting pens by The FaceShop
- A little nail art brush to make the red block

to make Facebook and Twitter manicure:
- White polish by The FaceShop
- Can't Find My Czechbook by OPI
- A little nail art brush to make the birdie and 'F'

to make Path manicure:
- Red polish by The FaceShop
- White dotting pen by The FaceShop

So, are you interested to also make one? What are your favorite Social Networking Sites? I hope we all can use our social networks properly yet still enjoying it.. ;)

3 komentar :

  1. Halo. Mau tanya dong biasanya kalo beli peralatan nail art kayak brushnya itu beli dimana ya? Soalnya pernah beli di salah satu online shop tapi ga bagus. Makasih :)

    1. Hallo, sorry for let you waiting for too long :(
      aku biasanya beli di facebook namanya kalau ga salah Kimkim Shop atau Lalaluna nail parlour.
      Kalau di instagram ada namanya KSnailart, lumayan recomended juga :D

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