Selasa, 02 Juli 2013

Despicable Me-Nicure (Minions)

Now tell me, how many of you who can't wait for Despicable Me 2 which is gonna be on theater on July 3th? I just can't wait so i decided to follow the trend to make the minions manicure :p
As you know, there are so many people try to make this nailart because minions are sooooo adorable, dont you think so, huh? I've seen so many minions on the nails on Instagram, pinterest, and also some nails blogs. So this time i want to make my minions!

Minions (in general meaning) are followers devoted to serve their master relentlessly. In this movie, they are imaged as little creatures with silly, funny, and also obedient characters.
They steal so many hearts because of their appearance and especially, their heart-melting-face-expression, in this movie and make us can't wait to meet em again at the sequel!
Do you also want to make minions on your nails?
Here i make the step-by-step pictorial for you, enjoy and i hope they're clear enough to be followed.
But first before you start, here they are the polishes and tools you'll need to prepare to make em:
- OPI Can't Find My Czechbook
- White Polish from The FaceShop
- Black Dotting Pen from The FaceShop
- Revlon Stormy
- Revlon Electric
- Little brush

So, are your nails as ready as you to watch the premiere?
Make sure you watch this movie with your manicure on! ;)

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  1. i'm dying here wanting you to do my minions nailart too..LOL~

    btw i invite you to join my first international giveaway.


    1. Just come here and lemme put those minions on your nails too :D

      Wow i really am glad to know that you're having a giveaway, so excited to be one of the participant!