Minggu, 21 Juli 2013

Ikat Nails - with PITULA Indonesia

Hello lads, i've been procrastinate this post for a very long time and i feel bad about it T_T
so now let me introduce you my favorite local-ethnic clothing line, PITULA INDONESIA. They make a very limited great outfit by using the local ikat fabric and I really appreciate what they do. These clothes are very limited in each edition, and this time they are in the collections of the month of Ramadan, so what are you waiting for? Visit'em at:
PITULA instagram | PITULA facebook page | PITULA blog | PITULA twitter acc

That's why this time, my nails are inspired by those wonderful ikat pattern, i make a really simple ikat nails with my own favorite colors, light pink and blue! :D

Still curious about PITULA? Here i give you clue about their products, i let ya sneak a peek some previous collections of PITULA Indonesia which were modeled by me and my friend, Kartika as the talent. Here they are!

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