Jumat, 09 Agustus 2013

7 Days-Manicure Challenge! (Part 1)

Hello, i was staying at the hospital for couple days and cant manage my blog and also my giveaway well, i feel so bad about it all and i have no word but sorry to say to you all :(
And this time i also want to tell you that now i'm having a job, yea, real job, not as a blogger (even i'll always blogging after this) but maybe my time will be taken for my office job. I'm now officially an architect for a consultant office in my town. It's gonna be a real hectic and busy job but i dont think it's gonna be not fun, because whatever it is and whatever people said, after doing this for about 2 months i think i just simply enjoying my job :)

And anyway, for you who also just having a job, maybe you wont have enough time thinking for manicure, huh? Dont be too serious, ladies. It's always time for our nails! hahaha
This time i'll share my 7-days-manicure that can boost your mood at your office. Because sometime office is boring, right? That's also happened on me, so at my first week, i do and change my nails almost every morning to made my mood for the whole day! :D

Start the week with the mindset 'I Love My Job' and there you go through the busy week, girl!
As an architect, this monday i have the skyscrappers on my nails and the word on my thumb.. Go go! This manicure is simply using red and white polish from FaceShop and the help of nail pen by FaceShop to make the skyscrapper.

 Taking some doodle notes on my nails for this Tuesday.. Using the white polish from FaceShop as the basecolor, Fire by Revlon as the red line, Can't Find My Czechbook by OPI as the blue lining, and black nail pen from FaceShop to write the note!

 Already loose the beat of your week? Pffft big no! Beat it up, i choose to put these legendary Beatles on my nails to beat up my Wednesday! Sheer Cotton by Revlon as the base colour and with the help of nail pen from FaceShop i draw it myself the face and the word.

 Woops, something is just melted on nails, this Thursday! Using white polish from FaceShop and Candy by Revlon, i made this icy manicure. And also, the pretty glittering polish from Etude that make the ice more icy ;)

 Sometime i missed my childhood time and office time just make it even worse. So, i bring my childhood to my nails so i wont miss it anymore ;)
This doraemon made by OPI-Cant Find My Czechbook, OPI Alpine Snow, OPI The Spy Who Loved Me, and some help of black nail pen by FaceShop. Need extra patient to make it by i enjoy the result ;)

 Woohoo, it's already Saturday! I make my weekend sexier than usual by doing this bustier manicure. What do i need to make it are Fire by Revlon, Alpine Snow by OPI, and of course the black nail pen from FaceShop. So, someone is now ready for a date!

 It's already Sunday so what i need to do is relaxing and enjoying my day before back to office at the day after it. So what i have on my nails are some simple lace made by Black polish and Pastel pink polish by FaceShop and the black nail pen also from FaceShop.

All of the manicure can be done less than 10 minutes, so it wont take so many time in the morning, right?
Happy working to all of us! ;)

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