Minggu, 18 Agustus 2013

B for Bow, Baby!

Couple weeks ago i was amazed by an account that i found in Instagram with a really lovely feed. But since i found it randomly from the popular page i really dont remember it (i'm sorry) T___T i feel so bad, if any one of you know the account that i meant i hope you can tell/inform me :D

So here it is, my bow manicure!
I make it exactly just like the one i've found at Instagram, it's so pretty how hot-pink and blue can combined perfectly and match really well..

And here are the step by step:

The polishes i need to do this mani are:
- OPI Suzi's Hungary AGAIN! for the hot pink
- OPI Can't Find my Czechbook for the blue polish
- The FaceShop Black nailart pen (dotting pen)

So, this manicure is very easy and the polishes you need aren't too much, right?
You have to try this mani even just once, it's so cute that you won't remove it from your nails after doing them trust me! :p

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