Rabu, 16 Oktober 2013

Girls' Generation World Tour 2013 - Girls & Peace in Jakarta

September 14th, 2013 gonna be a memorable day in my whole life. Because on that day i met again with my one and only idol, our lovely Girls' Generation. Previously, i had seen them in their concert in 2011 in Singapore. But this time would be very special because they were coming here, to Indonesia for the first time! So i decided not to watch the concert in Singapore this year, but replace it with a concert in my country so i wish i could hear tiffany shouted "Indonesia, put it back on!" in the middle of Genie song. And do you know what happened? She really yell it and i feel like "yep, now i can die in peace!" hahaha but really, I felt it was very complete right now..

And about the whole concert, i think if you want me to give a score, i will give 100 for Girls' Generation, 70 for the promotor who brought the girls here, and 50 for the audience. Why? It's because SNSD already give their best for their fans in Indonesia but what the hell happened with the fans? Bringing a fantastic professional camera, recording the whole concert, and didn't stay on their own chair. Really different with the crowd at Singapore, seriously. Even i sit on the premium class and i just about 5 meters from the stage, i can't really enjoy the show. The other audience keep standing and blocking my view. But overall, it was really really awesome! The girls are very close with me and i can see them really clearly everytime they came to my area. They look so angelic and unhuman hahahaha so prettyyyyy!

And my favorite member, Tiffany, oftenly walking around to the stage near my seat. But, i didnt capture so much photos, you know, just like the previous concert, i want to make the night to be mine. I want to enjoy the whole concert for myself, so i really enjoy the concert from the very first second until the girls said good bye, hiks.

But, here i will give you some pictures i got from google and another blogs, i just want to show you how perfect the girls are, and how wonderful the concert was.. enjoy ;)

And to make the day being more special, i was painting my nails with the Girls & Peace theme. I put the 'G' airline logo, pink and yellow color on white basic color just like one of SNSD clothes at the concert ( i also wore the replica of it for the concert :p) but this time, i just did a really simple nailart because i didnt have so much time to do it :( here they are!...

and last but not least, here i give you some moments i capture from my phone (last minute of the concert) hehehe

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