Senin, 07 Oktober 2013

My 22nd Birthday on My Graduation Day

Hello lads, omg i really am shocked when i read my last post was about a month ago, sorry for leaving you so long, dolls.. This last 2-3 weeks was my hard time on my office. Everyone seems so hectic with their tasks and so did i. So that's why i cant do any post even i still did my nails that times (of course :p)

And anyway, in the middle of those busy days, there was a really blessing day for me. It's August 26th, i'm turning 22 this year. And also something that make it really special is, my birthday is exactly on my graduation day. I couldn't fell any happier, everybody congratulated me for my graduation and also for my birthday at the same time :"")

Because it's really really special for me, of course i do my nails for the D-day!
I choose to have a birthday-theme nails instead of graduation theme, it's because i really had no idea about the graduation, what's on my mind about graduation is just all about freedom. And it's totally different if i'm thinking about birthday, it's candles, cake, balloons, flowers, present, surprise, and so on! So what i had for the special day isssss... Birthday Manicure!

Here's what i had on my nails for my very own birthday :)

those on my nails are my dreams about my birthday, balloons, cake, 22, celebrations, and presents hahaha actually it's not only things i want from people around me, it's just a symbol about happiness of a birthday hehe

and these are some pictures that capture the moment when my best friends give me a really surprising surprise after my graduation on my campus. Guys, i swear i will never ever ever forget that day. You guys successfully made methe happiest birthday girl!

And to capture my graduation moment with my graduation gown, i trusted Colorful Photography Yogyakarta, Indonesia. To get more about them and their gallery, click on my picture below :)

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  1. Oh I've missed your post mayang! I wonder where have you been so long?! I'm glad that nothing bad happen, in fact it's such a wonderful days for you! Nice design there, I can feel the birthday atmosphere by looking at your nails! I'm so loving the cake's! Happy birthday and happy graduation mayang! You'r so beautiful with that kebaya on you! Hehe. God bless <3 :)

    1. OMG i just read your comment, sorry for make you waiting for too long. Yes! I've been so busy with my new job and i found that posting a photo of my nails on instagram is way easier and simpler so it's like i always posting on instagram but rarely on my blog. Feel guilty for my readers but i'm trying my best to always keep updating my blog too. Thanks for being sucha nice reader btw :D