Sabtu, 30 November 2013

A Bite of Sweetness

Ladies, anyone here loves cupcakes? and anyone loves cupcakes but have no desire or even courage to eat it because it will make you fat? hahahaha *sometimes i do think so* :p
so for everyone who also think like what i've mentioned above, how about having 10 cupcakes at one time without gettin fat? It's so easy, what you need is just a pack of polishes..... because now i will tell you to make a cupcake manicure! :D

Even there're so many inspirations and tutorials on the internet that you can find to do cupcakes manicure, i will just try to make my own version of cupcakes mani for my dear readers. Here they are....

1. put a base color just on the tip of your nails, it's kinda little half of your nails. In this example i'm using Suzy's Hungary AGAIN! by O.P.I.
2. do a stripe with different color of polish, this time i'm using black and do it with the dotting pen by The FaceShop.
3. make the cake 'pattern', it's up to you about the colour but mine is white and i'm also using dotting pen by FaceShop because it's really easy to do it with this pen.
4. fill the pattern with the same color, so i fill it with white color.
5. do the cherry on the top of the cake by using small dotting tools. The cherry red color is using Spy Who Loved Me by O.P.I. and the leaf is using Emerald by Revlon.
6. do the sprinklesof the sweeties on the cake by using smaller dotting tools. Use bright and colorful polish so it will appeared yummy!! :D

This is how my nails after i finished baking all of them :p

Don't you think they look yummy? I hope they can reduce my hunger and desire from eating cupcakes :3
Have you try one on your nails? Let me know do they also appeared yummy or not!

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