Kamis, 07 November 2013

Am I Too Late for Halloween? Let's See My Manicure's Trick (or Treat)

Halloween, or as it called from Hallows' Evening or Hallowe'en, is an event or a celebration in every night on October 31st when people wearing scary mask and costume and of course do the 'trick-or-treat' tradition. In Indonesia, very few people who celebrate Halloween so i decided to make my own Halloween on my nails. And because there are soooo many inspiration i could get from my Instagram fellows, i did 3 designs this year. From the very-black one until the colorful one. Let's check my nails out, but wait, i know i really am too late to post my halloween nails but is it really no treat for me? No candies and chocolates? Oh please, so let's just see my tricky nails... Boo!

Oh before we get into the manicure, let's see the 'scary' ingredients i needed to made my halloween nails:

Revlon Top Speed Collections - Lily, Fire, Jaded, Electric, and Candy

THEY'RE REVLON CUTEST COLOR! So how do they become scary? Let's do em with some scary skeleton wooohoooo~

And my second halloween manicure was a lil bit so-into-halloween because of the black color and the skeleton (ps. they're scary i hope you wont affraid of em :p)

And last but not least, i think it's gonna be incomplete if i didnt make a jack-o-lantern as my nailart this year, please, no orange pumpkin means you're gonna be having an ilegal halloween, FYI.. hahahahaha
So, here my nails with the jack-o-lantern and also bring the monster up! (because green for monster is mainstream, i choose yellow as the color of the monster, still scary i hope :p)

So, how's your halloween? Was it just the same as mine, only celebrate it with the nails, or did you have fun with somethin like costume party and sweeties like candies? ;)

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