Rabu, 11 Desember 2013

Let's Meet Our Lovely : Zooey Deschanel

Hello all, i can't believe it is now December already. So it means, in a few weeks we will see the new year. Seems like it's just yesterday we were celebrating the new year of 2013, am i correct?
Anyway, to start the final month of the year (gosh, really convoluted hahaha), i mean to begin our December, i'd invite you girls to get closer with this adorable lady, who is very pretty, talented, and of course you all know her. She is Zooey Deschanel. Oh god, i really admire her! You too, right? She is very well known through her movie "500 days of summer" with her very unique role yet confusing. But what i want to talk more about Zooey here is her hobby which is the same as all of us here.........guess what.. she looooves nailart! Our lovely Zooey really like nailart and never forget to dress her nails up at every opportunity and at every single of her step on the red carpet <3

What i will never forget about Zooey is what she said about plain nails. Have you ever heard about that? It's when Zooey said that plain nails make her sad and it makes her sad. Oh really, Zooey? It's not only you because all of us really know how it exactly feels! Plain nails or even worse, untreated-plain-nails make us really sad and bad-mood. If most women always said they might have a-bad-hair-day, so us, a nailart lovers, we also had a-bad-nails-day. It's when we can't do our nails and let the nails plain/nude because we're too busy, have no time, lack of inspiration, and so on hffffftt

Here's a video where Zooey talks about her serial 'New Girl' and also nailart, really happy to hear what she said here :

So that's why here i want to give you a lesson: even a busy woman like Zooey won't let her nails go plain. We will never had a time except we make it. Because if you really want to do your nails, there's no such reason like have no time, no inspiration, or whatever. Because inspiration can be found everywhere around us and time, we have 24 hours per day and sometime we spend it for some stupid things like day dreaming or watching commercials on tv, huh? Pick up your polish and do your nails, girls!

As an extra inspiration, here i give you some from our inspiring lady Zooey Deschanel. Her lovely nails and her beauty really match well anywhere and anytime, how about yours? Dare to have a pretty nails everyday? Let's start by tomorrow!

So, which one is your favorite? I really love her gold movie stripe one! I hope you're getting inspired. And never forget this: never let your nails PLAIN. - xoxo

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