Jumat, 26 Desember 2014

All I Want For Christmas are........

Happy Christmas everyone! hohoho
Sorry for this very late post (i really really planned to do this post a couple days before xmas but i need to finish some task so i can finish all of my work before holiday). And anyway, I really am glad that we can feel the joy again this year. I hope all of you have a merry christmas wherever you are. I hope all of us surrounded by the people we love :)

So, what you have on your nails this years? I think i'm started being very boring. Every year i do my christmas nailart, i always do the same things: santa, rudolf, xmas tree, bla bla.. I always want to do something different but i always ended up drawing the same one, maybe because i really love it soooo much :p
First, i always feel like there has to be santa! And rudolf is also a must, and the xmas tree, how can you have anything else but no tree? So, here they are.... My xmas nails this year!

1. Rudolf And The Christmas Tree

For me, basically i like christmas nails dominated by red, green, and white colour. so, for this Rudolf and the tree, i do it as simple as i can with my favorite color on it. For the RED i use Revlon - Fire, for the GREEN i use Revlon - Emerald, White i'm using OPI - Alpen Snow, Yellow using Revlon - Electric, and for the Rudolf brown head i'm using OPI - Dulche de Leche. For the antlers i'm using The FaceShop black dotting pen. And Voila! it's done! I think this nails is quiet simple and all of you can do it. No need any nailtorial for this nailart, right? ;)


2. Santa Minions

Hellooo! This is one of my favorite, i do it exactly at December 25th morning, hohoho.. Minions are totally catching my heart. The combination between red, white, and yellow are just too lovely <3
There are also so many versions of Santa Minions on the internet. So which one is your favorite? Do you also have one on your nails this year? :D


3. Christmas Present

i think christmas is also identical with present. Even how old you are, you will always wanted something special wrapped with beautiful paper and tied with a giant bow, right?
so this year, i tried to tied my nails with the bows and make it a special present for myself.. :)
to do this nails, i spent a quiet long time about 30-45 minutes and about 15 minutes to make sure that they're dried already so i can do a normal activity. Because i think it's quiet hard (or maybe need a lil more patient to do it), so i do the nailtorial for you guysss.. here they are:

Xmas Gift Nailtorial :
1 - apply the base color, for this time i'm using white (like what i've said, white is my fave for christmas)
2 - draw the circle in the middle of the nail with the dotting pen
3 - 4 - 5 - draw the bow pattern step by step
6 - apply the bow color after you draw the bow pattern, this is to make the coloring easier
7 - after you apply the color, re-draw the bow with the dotting pen to make the pattern clearer

For addition, you can do a lil sparkles on the bow, just in case you want a blinking bows for your xmas nails. I recommend you OPI - Glow Up Already! for the blink effects.


So that's all i want for christmas : Rudolf, Santa, Minions, and a beautiful Present. And i dont need to really have it literally, because i already have them on my nails ;)

Happy holiday and have a merry christmas!

Minggu, 16 November 2014

O.P.I Sheer Tints - Review & Swap

This O.P.I Sheer Tints has already been inside my polish rack for almost 20 weeks, it's almost 5-6 months ago since the first time i got it and loved it at the first sight <3
I got it from local online shop @ratukutek. They have a very complete collection of any brand of polishes. You can check their website and instagram for further informations.

Back to this Sheer Tints polish by O.P.I, maybe i can recommend you to have this especially if you are a big fan of ombre or any tinted nailart. Because with this sheer-tints polish you can do ombre wayyyy easier that using a 'regular' polish which you may need sponge to help you do the ombre.

At first, i was falling in love with the packaging. It's so simple but has every detail of the products especially it has pictures on the side of the packaging that show us what can we do with the polish, i mean it show some tricks that you can do with the polish for your nails.

This O.P.I Sheer Tints polish has 4 beautiful colour. And if you ask me which one is my favorite. Honestly i can't tell because they are all have their own beauty. The Violet, Amber, Magenta, and Teal are too beautiful to be compared each other. I also think they're way perfect if they're applied together on one nail. Here they are :

And with this sheer tints i already do sooo many nailart and manicure but basically i have 2 kind of nailart that i usually do with this polish, they are : watercolor nails & ombre nails.
And they're soooo easy so  that you can do it by only 2 kind of nail polish. It's the base polish & O.P.I Sheer Tints.

1. Water Color Nailart by O.P.I Sheer Tints

*sorry for the nail-torial, i was having a nailart on my nails right now so that i can't do the tutorial but i hope these pictures above are clear enough lol :p

and this is how the water-color nailart done on my own nails...

2. Ombre Nailart by O.P.I Sheer Tints

Basically the ombre seems like the easiest one, you just need to apply the sheer polish layer by layer. But the difficult step is that you need to wait until the first layer dry enough so that you can apply another layer. Different with the watercolor nailart, you don't need to wait until the first color dried, the wet polish make the watercolor effect even better i think...

So this is the nail-torial (sorry just like the watercolor, i can't do the tutorial on my own nails so this is my nail-torial cartoon version :p)

It's gonna be fun to see another version and tricks or tips using this Sheer Tints polish from O.P.I so if you have another idea of using this i'm gonna be so glad to see your ;)

Selasa, 11 November 2014

Halloween (Part 2) : The (Eye) Monsters Manicure

It's November 12th and i'm still so into Halloween since it's my favorite holiday for the whole year hoho. For me Halloween is not only about wearing costumes, collecting chocolates and candies, or even being scary or scared. Halloween is a moment when everyone celebrating a day with the devils and monsters. It sounds scary and doesn't right i think, but let me put it this way: it's a holiday that considered you that you're not alone in this world. That human is not the only one who has this world. We live together them and share the place and time with them too. So, this time i'll show you how a monster can look funny and cute!

A one eye monster like Mike Swazovski in Monster Inc is my inspiration for this manicure. So, my mani this time consist of three parts: the colorful skin, an eye, and a mouth/lips. To make it not scary (because i'm soooo done with people scary with monsters, please, they can be cute in some ways :p) i put colorful color as a base for their skins and cute facial expressions for each monster on each nail that illustrated by cute-lips-expressions.


1. choose a color to be the skin of the monster, for this example i choose my favorite, pink. And this pretty pink polish is Revlon Top Speed - Candy.
2. Still with the same polish with the monster's skin, with dotting tools, make the horn of the monster on the edge of your nails and your skins.
3. to do the eye, use white color. This time i'm using white polish from Trendy Nails by The FaceShop.
4. enhance the eye with the dotting pen to make a perfect circle. I'm using The FaceShop Dotting Pen.
5. to do the lips use dotting pen in black color. I'm using The FaceShop Dotting Pen - black.
6. inside the white base for the eye, use green/blue as the pupil of the eye. You can use the dotting tools to do it.
7. inside the pupil, use dotting pen again to make the black part of the pupil.
8. to create the effect of light reflection in the eye, use the white dotting pen again. Make a dot on the black pupils for the effects.

Voila, and......... DONE!
I'll be very happy to see your version of one eye-cute-monsters on your nails :D

Happy (Late) Halloween!
Still wanna trick or treat? ;)

Jumat, 31 Oktober 2014

Halloween (Part 1) : How The World Looks in Her Eyes..


This year i tried to be a reindeer. Isn't it scary to have the reindeer come at halloween, not christmas? Hoho so, here i give you a peek about my make up and transformation.. into a reindeer..

As the opening of my halloween post, let me tell you a story...

This is a story of a girl. A story about how she stands on the same ground with all of us, but sees things very differently to most people. A story about how she hears and distracted by things that not everyone can hear, and how she is considered strange by many people because she is often tells things that not everyone can easily believe on it. So, before i start, this girl’s story is not for you who do not have an open mind... just considered that this world is not about the world that you can see.

There was a very fine morning that suddenly a little girl said to her nanny ‘I think i saw someone in front of our home, she looks so old and sick, can you check it for me?’ ‘But there’s nobody outside, i’ve check like 3 times, maybe you’re just too sleepy, want to take a nap?’ Then her nanny took her to her bed room, put her on bed and asked her if she wanted milk or something. But suddenly she said ‘Nanny, she’s here, so i was right that she’s sick. Her eyes are sick.’ ‘What do you mean by she’s here? Nobody is...’ ‘She’s there. I think she’s blind because she has no eyes, do you think we should take her to the doctor?’. A little girl pointing to an empty corner of her bed room with her nanny had nothing to say. The nanny thought she must be kidding but suddenly she felt a goosebumps and a cold air across her back neck. So, that’s how the nanny passed her last day on that house.

‘You know that there’re somethings that you can’t tell to everyone. Sometime people get scared and being so sensitive about that things.’
‘What things?’
‘Like the sick grandma you saw this morning, bibi can’t see her, that’s why she’s so scared and don’t want to be here because she’s scared of that grandma and also ‘the others’ so, if you see them, with no eyes, no head, burnt skin, a very long hair, white clothes, and other unnormal physical appearance, don’t tell people. You can tell me because i can also see them, but don’t talk to them.’
‘Why i can’t talk to them? Sometimes they look so sad and sick.’
‘If you talk to them, it looks like you talking to the air, it’s like you talk to nobody and you’ll be looked strange, people will think you’re unnormal, we can communicate with them but not like when we talk to normal people. Just ignore them, it’s fine. Understand?’
‘Yes, daddy.’

15 years later..

‘So, they’re here, aren’t they? What are they doing? Do they know that we’re talking about them?
I can’t answer her question honestly. Just like those people who always ask me the same question. Just like those friend i used to have when i was a little kid. Nobody can really stand with my kind of answer. I really don’t get it, even after years, why people always curious with such things. Can’t see it then curious, get to know about it then scared like crazy. Bfftt.
‘Why suddenly? Hahaha. Nope. Just a woman at the corner of this room but now she’s dissapear. So, this room is just kinda.. yea, how should i say it? Empty? Safe enough?’
The woman, who was standing with her back in front of me, who was standing in the corner of the room, who was wearing a long white clothes that reach the floor. Her hair is almost half the height of the body. She then turned her face to me, and also my friend who didn’t recognize her appearance. Suddenly, she came closer but in every step that she took she dissapeared.
Huh? One rule that i always remember about their kind. A sudden disappearance means a sudden appearance. So, i counting.. 3.. 2.. 1.. and i turned my body, and voila, there she was. Behind my friend who had no idea about what’s around her.
She stared at my friend, my human friend, with her red eyes.
Sometime i feel sorry about these people because they can’t see what i always see, but in another hand, i think they’re kinda lucky, tho. How lucky is that, they will never need to be disturbed by their appearance, their scary face, and even their annoying sound.. These people never have any idea how lucky they are.. And suddenly..
‘Doesn’t it really scary seing ghost everytime and hearing them suddenly on your ears?’
My lucky (and also unlucky) friend who had no idea about what’s behind her ask me. And i didn’t have a better answer than this..
‘It’s not since i’ve seen them since when i was a very little kid. I’ve seen even the scariest one like what we saw at the movies, with horn, with white clothes, with long hair, yea, like every-shape of them. So it’s not scary, but it’s shocking sometime.’
‘You make it even scarier don’t you know that?’ No, it’s not me that make it even scarier, you just don’t have any idea about what’s behind you.. but i can’t see this such thing to my friend. Except i want to loose a friend, again.
‘Hahaha you make it even funnier. If you’re scared why do you keep asking? I also feel weird about you people. Being scared by something you don’t even see..’
‘You know, human, curious.’
‘That’s what i love from the ghost, they don’t talk, they never curious.’
‘Well, very first question, do you communicate with them? How? I never saw you talk to ‘nobody’ or doing strange things like that.’
‘We communicate in our way. For people like us, sometime, some of us communicate when we’re sleeping, half asleep, or sometime even when i close my eyes and concentrate a little bit. But i don’t do such things oftenly. The risk is too big.’
‘I can’t imagine that such scary things happened to you. You look calm, and i’m sorry to say it, you look so tiny and weak, how can you stand and survive with them around? They’re around you everyday, every second, and every where, right?’
‘Yea, they’re every where around, every day, every second. But i’ve lived for 23 years with them around, i’ve used to them. Sometime when i’m staying on my own frequency, make a space with them so i can’t see them, it’s so peaceful but it’s strange for me without them around i feel a little bit empty. They are also a reason why i never feel alone even i never have sibling.’
‘Hmm i got it. So, you’re very used to them, right? But do you still uncomfortable when you’re going to unfamiliar or scary places?’
‘Yes it’s right that i’m used to them, i’m fine with them around. But scary place like an unfamiliar empty house, villas, or such place like a camp-ground, the creature there are not familiar with me, and i’m not used to them. It’s like we’re familiar with the animals around our home and suddenly we’re going to the jungle where the animals are also not familiar to the human. Different, right? They will act a little bit ‘aggressive’ and doing things that make me uncomfortable like staying too close or even starring at me. That’s totally uncomfortable, not scary, just make me not comfortable. But until today, i usually can just ignore them. That’s why i can easily ignore people that disturb me hahaha. Sometime my sixth sense helps me to ignore things.’
‘Hahaha, so there’s some benefits you can get from that scary talent, huh?’
‘Yeah, there is hahaha, so, do you want to try seeing one of them?’
‘No thank you so much, but no! Wow.. But wait, how can people like me seeing them? You ask them to come here? Or you will hypnotize me and make me go to their world or whatever?’
‘No, it doesn’t work like that. It’s simply like this, we all have soul inside our body, our soul and them (the ghosts) are at the same world, that’s why sometime we can feel and see them. But sometime we’re not at the same frequency, that’s why we can’t see them even when they’re around. For people like me, i was born with part of me has the same frequency with them, that’s why i can always see them, but in other hand, i can live normally just like other people. And why normal people like you sometime can feel or even see them? Because some of them also can go to our frequency, make human see them. Yea, just like that.’
‘Ah i got it, wow so much information, thank you for sharing. Anyway, what are you usually doing in your daily life so you can ignore them?’
‘You’re very welcome. Hmm luckily my job is quiet take my time. And more than that, i have a hobby that i really love so there are times i can really ignore them.’
‘Oh what a relief, so what is it?’
‘I’m working at an architecture consultant. And i really love doing nailarts. It can comfort me even when ‘they’ started to disturb me.’

Then i smile, my friend smile awkwardly. She knew i don’t smile at her, but at her.. who was there, behind my human friend’s back. Listening to each of every word that we say.. And then she also smile. A very cold smile, as cold as her hand that already have no soul. Do you any idea how i know that her hands are cold?
‘Wow, it’s too cold right now, here, right? Let’s go inside.’
‘Even if we get inside, your shoulders will still feel cold. Just stay until it’s gone by itself.’
‘Okay then. Hey wait, how do you know i feel cold at my shoulder?’
Now i couldn’t smile because it’s too hard to answer, but then she dissapeared. And my friend smile to me.
Oh, not again.
‘Get out from my friend, that body isn’t yours!’

To be continued...

Minggu, 21 September 2014

Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish - Review

Hello! It's been 5 months since my last post and finally today i can make my time to do another post. Pfft life just being so rush lately. I'm sorry that i've been neglecting my blog and you my lovely readers for a very long time. My time was so taken up to finish my office's project and tadaa! One of my project is now finished (almost done 100% actually) so i can make time to fondling my blog hahahaha

Anyway, today for my comeback i specially present this post for Maybelline Color Show. Because.... i really in looooove with their polishes! I bought it about 5 months ago and they're now up already, so i need to buy another bottle tho :p

This product is a little bit (maybe bery different but for me they are quiet close) the same with Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish. Even the bottle, the packaging, and the colors are different but they both offer the same excellence, it's that both of them are dry fast. I dont need more than 3 minutes to wait them dry after i applied em on my nails. Super love!

What makes them really different is (i think) the packaging, i mean the bottle. For me, i prefer Maybelline Color Show. The packaging is so simple and what do i call it.... fashionable, perhaps? hahaha maybe you can judge it by yourself after see the packaging, so here they are.. My 3 first Maybelline Collor Show Nail Polish!

So, what do you think? Quiet cute right? I love how they make it like a cute tiny little tube with black cap on it. Dashing <3

Anyway, couple months ago when i bought them at Matahari Department Store, i got a prom so when i bought Maybelline product with Color Show items with it and they cost more than IDR 150.000, i'll get 1 free pretty purse. I picked the pink one as my gift <3

Let me introduce you my 3 favorite first collection from this product, actually the colors are pink-salmon, deep green, and icy-blue. They are Coral Craze, Tenacious Teal, and Blueberry Ice. My favorite of these three? Can't find one because i love them all :D

Coral Craze (211) - it is a very very very beautiful pink-salmon color! I've once have a salmon color but not this pink, so since pink is my favorite color, so this is my best salmon color i've ever had! And btw, this polish is quiet gel so i dont need to apply it twice or thrice, but once i applied it on the nails, it stick perfectly.

Tenacious Teal (301) - is a deep green color which is not really dark but it's deep already. It makes this color match with any other color so it's not hard to combine it with other color also outfit. For formal or casual event, this color also match enough, i think :)

Blueberry Ice (403) - is as icy as its name! The fresh blue color i very pretty that makes me who dont like blue, choose it and love to wear it on my nails :p This blue is not really blue, somehow in outdoor it looks so light so it looks quiet white. But in indoor, it looks fabulous!

And this is how i combine these 3 fabulous color on my nails..

like i said before, these color are accidentally match each other, so what color will you grab for your Color Show collection? Make sure you have more than 1 so you can mix and match them on your nails like what i did. Just an idea, maybe it's gonna be great to make a water-marble since they're dry fast. So, dare to try? ;)

Selasa, 22 April 2014

Inspiring Nailartist : Julie Taslim

This time i'm going to introduce you my friend, one of talented nailartist i've ever knew. First time we knew each other was in Instagram. We have same passion and it's called nailart. One time i think i want to introduce her to all of my reader so you guys will know how adorable and inspiring she is :)

She’s a beautiful lady, a lovely wife, a super mother of 3 kids, an owner of a fashion boutique, and also a really inspiring nailartist. She's now already living her dream life with a very huge interest on fashion, nailart, and interior designing.
Since she was young (i mean younger, you know she's still so young) decide to keep on doing what she love and having a perfect and success life because she always enjoy and dedicate her life to what she did. You can find her on instagram @julietaslim, you can just call her Julie. So, let’s meet Julie!

Here's some short chats (or you can call it an interview because i really mean to make it for this post :D ). Julie's little talk about her life, passion, and of course, nailart!

Hello Julie, it’s really great that finally we can make time to have a chat (We already plan to having a post about her but she seems to be so busy huhu)
= Yes, Mayang.. I really am sorry to make you wait for so long. I’m so bussy right now designing my home interior.

It’s really  fine, sissy. So, first question, when did you start nailart-ing?
= it was started about 7 years ago. I was doing and interested in extention gel nailart before. But in this last 3 years, i start to make a nailart, i mean make a pattern, drawing, on the nails. You should start to learn drawing with gel polish, Mayang. Really. Your drawing is really good and i think it’s gonna be better if you can do it not only with the liquid polish but also the gel one.

Ah, i really loved to, trust me..   Thank you so much and i will try it next time! :D Anyway, do you just did your nails and maybe your realted and friends’ nails, or other people can also ask you to do their nails?
= No, i’m not only doing my nails. I do my related, friends’, and also people who want me to do theirs but with some payment hehe but for my related and friends it’s for free. (Hehe that’s what i actually do too, miss! :p)

You’re seems to be so great at nailarting, do you actually a designer or have a design basic education before?
= Hahahahaha no, i am not. I actually don’t have any specific designing education. I just really love to  designing but i’m sucha terrible person on drawing something. Really! But i don’t know why, i feel that i can draw on the nails really well.

Yes, you can draw on the nails really well, sissy. Seriously, i think you’re an architect or an interior designer. But, i can understand that, because sometime when we love something, we just can do anything even something that we actually think we cannot do, right?
= Yes, i can’t agree more about it. How about you? You’re really good at drawing on the nails and also nailarting. Why don’t you try to be a nailartist? Do you know, that the secret of success is: once you decide on your occupation, you must immerse your self in your work. You have to fall in love with your work, never complaint about your job. You must dedicate you life to mastering your skill.
(I really stop for couple seconds after hear what she said, she’s really right but even i really have a big passion on nailarting, being a nailartist will always be a part of my dream and my life. But being an architect is already in my deepest mind and heart. I’m still trying to find what i really love actually.. But i will never let my ‘architect’ and ‘nailartist’ part go from my soul. Because my biggest dream is still my biggest secret anyway, and it’s not really related to architecture or nailarting world :p ... So after that we continue again our interview hehehe)

What’s your other interest beside nailart?
= I actually have a really huge interest on interior designing and fashion too. I have a boutique here in Jakarta that sell korean fashion and clothes. I get the items myself so that’s why i oftenly go to Korea to choose and get em myself.

Wow, so you’re also an owner of a boutique. How long have you been having a boutique? Do you have any future plan for it?
= Yes, of course. I have a plan to make a nails and lashes saloon here. So it’s gonna be not only a boutique but also a boutique and saloon. ( Then she asked me do i work now, because she actually looking for a nailartist but it’s so sad that now i’ve choose my way to be an architect. Then we decide to wait for the time to answer, if we’re really meant to be a partner, so we’re going to make it, J!)

Alright now back to the nails, you are a wife and a mother of 3 cute children. And now we actually find out that you’re also an intrepreneur for having a fashion boutique. For your ‘me-and-my-nails-time’, how do you make the time? Do you do your nails on your spare time or you make your time to do it for your daily nails activities?
= I make my time to do my nails, because if i’m waiting for a really free time so i’ll never gonna make it hahaha (yes indeed, that’s what also happened on me too) so everytime i have an idea or a great mood to do a nailart so i’ll just do it.


So, there’s so much that i can get from our really short interview last night. She’s really kind and beyond what i’ve ever thought about her, she’s really inspiring, really. She remind us not to forget to pursue our dream even if we don’t have any special basic education about it. Because your success and happiness not only depend on your education. It much depend on our passion and how hard we try to pursue it and keep it in our heart and mind that there is no edge in loving our job and work. If we are really good and love something, and we never complaint about it, that’s what our real passion is. Keep it, improve it, and just do it. Don’t be afraid to dream so high about it because once we fell in love with our passion, we will always find a way to reach it ;)

Then we ended the conversation with she promised to invite me to her nails and lashes saloon right after it’s opened. And it’s now happened! Her salon is now open in Jakarta. The name is Onnie Salon. For all of you (especially you who live in Jakarta) please stop by and have your nails done by Onnie ;)

For all of you who has already love nailart, you have to come and try their service by yourself! And Onnie also has kind of nailart course with a nailart expert from south korea which makes this salon has a complete package! :)
You can see Onnie Studio nailart by stopping by at their instagram @OnnieStudioAnd special for my friend Julie and her lovely Onnie Studio, i'm having a giveaway at my Instagram @mayanganindita, what you need to do is just repost the photo that i posted, which is the picture of Onnie Studio Voucher worth IDR 100K each! I have 5 vouchers for 5 lucky repost-er so what are you waiting for? This giveaway will closed at May 2014.

Here's some snap from Onnie Studio interior:

And if you still question Onnie Studio's works, here some nailart that done by Onnie:


And last but not least, here some capture of Julie's nailart and nail-torial (a very lovely london nailart!) Hope it can inspire you, ladies. Because there's nobody that can't do nailart. We can do it if we think we can. Just try and love the result ;)

Have a great day, ladies! Don't forget to join the giveaway.. Make sure you're gonna be part of the lucky one who win the voucher ;) for further information you can reach me via Line: mayanganindita or just simply ask me at my Instagram account: @mayanganindita. Thank you xoxo

Senin, 31 Maret 2014


Hello ladies, it's been a few weeks since my last post. I've been so busy but luckily this week i have extra holiday because here in Indonesia we have Nyepi (hindus feast) so in this long weekend i'm trying a new nailart which i've always wanted to try on my nails for a long time. It's BURBERRY pattern manicure.
Burberry has a unique pattern which is easily recognizable, so i thought to make nailart patterned like this brand.

And come examples i got online from google, flickr, pinterest, and some youtube tutorials really help me to make this manicure. Here's some example that i got on the internet (really sorry that i dont remember where i got it, i've searched it for so long time ago, just tell me if you own there pictures i got below)

And from these pictures above, i think i need to make some differences. First, the pattern looks like need an extra concentrate and patience which i really bad in it hahaha. So i try to combine between 'complicated' and 'easy'. I mean, i wanna try to combine between 'the pattern' and 'the colour'.
Second, if i do all of my nails with the pattern, it's gonna be look kinda 'crowded' on the five nails. So i think it's better if i have 2 nails as 'balancer' of the pattern. I will apply just a plain mani with one colour. But the colour needs to be strong enough to balance the pattern in the 3 other nails.
So, here's my version of Burberry manicure...

The nail polishes i need to make this manicure are (from left to right) :
+ Sheer Rose - Revlon
+ White colour - The FaceShop
+ Black dotting pen - The FaceShop
+ Fire - Revlon (applied by the tiny brush i got from KS Nailart)

And how to do it is very simple and i'm 100% sure that everyone of you can do it by yourself!
p.s. what you need is just the polishes, the tools, and patience, trust me ;)

This is the step by step how i do mine :

1. Apply the base-colour (Sheer Rose-Revlon) and make the cross pattern on it with the white polish (The FaceShop)
2. Make the black line with black dotting pen (The FaceShop). It's 3 horizontal and 3 vertical lines.
3. Last, make the red line by the fire polish from Revlon. Make 1 horizontal and vertical line each and make it until it looks like what i do on mine on the picture (crossing line)

So, dare to make one?
I'll so glad to see your version of this manicure. Make sure you do it with patience, ok?
Good luck! xoxo -