Senin, 24 Februari 2014

Marina Natural 24h Challenge: Miss Architect's Story

Basically every woman needs protection for her skin. Moreover, we, who live in a tropical country (Indonesia) that every summer, the sun will shine very stinging. And do you know that a lot of women out there can not always work in the room and had to fight against the heat, dust, and dry-air almost every day? If you can not imagine that and maybe you’re not one of them, then I will tell a story about it. Actually, that story is gonna be my story, between me and my work.
I was always wondering what would i be when i turn into a big girl or you may say a woman or a lady (whatever its called :p). And that time was a very long time ago because now i already a big girl with big responsibilities on my shoulder. I never imagine that finally i can grab my dream to be an architect. After finishing my study for about 3,5 years, people now can ask me to design their house and building hehehe

But yes, like what i heard from Spiderman movie “with great power comes great responsibility” is just so true. I cannot always laying down on my bed and doing my design inside my comfortable bed room like when i was still an architecture student (i had sucha bad bad habit about doing my task btw). Now, sometime, i need to struggle with a very uncomfortable situation, stifling rooms, share a lift with construction workers, be in a meeting after a very long-terrible-hot-bad-day, and many more. I was in a point where i think i can’t be looked like a woman anymore. If you can’t imagine the construction-life that i had, i think pictures will tell you better than words. So, here’s some pictures about my architect-life. Very challenging yet exhausting but simply, i love my job..

Everyday i need to let the sun burn my skin. I became very dark and lost my confidence. But then i think i can’t let it happened. Whatever it takes, it’s my dream. And it’s now already in my hand so i’ll keep it and won’t let it go. And about my appearance and beauty, i thought i need to find a-skin-bestfriend to keep it white, healthy, and beautiful. So, finally after browsing the internet, asking some friends, and comparing some products, i found the lovely magical MarinaNatural. It has a very great variant called ‘Protects and Care’ that really suitable and perfect for my skin problem. And for you guys, don’t worry because MarinaNatural has more variants for different problems, let me explain it..

Now, everyday Marina Natural is one of the must-bring item on my bag. And everytime you see my office desk, you’ll see the small bottle of it around my working stuffs. I always have 2 bottles of Marina Natural Protects & Cares, the big one for my daily lotion at home, and the small one is for my “mobile-lotion” hahaha it really is always follow me everywhere i go to keep my skin protected and healthy. Marina Natural is truly moisturizing my skin and help my skin to stay beautiful for 24 hours.

I always put this lotion on my skin every morning and afternoon after taking a bath, and also before i go to bed. And for an addition or any extra protection, i do put the lotion right before i go to the field or before i stay under the sun.
Because of the tight schedule, i don’t have much time to prepare a protection for my skin. Applying sun-block for extra is sucha wasting time and i don’t think i need that after i meet Marina Natural. I just need less than 5 minutes to apply it!
1 minute for the body – a half minute for the hands – and a half minute for the legs and i’m done!

Very easy right? And you can see that by using Marina Natural, i can feel protected and moisturized for the whole day!
Here’s the detail look of this magical product and the detail ingredients behind it, here they are!

PROS (+)
+ consists of natural ingredients
+ very reachable price (about 4.000 – 6.000 Rupiahs)
+ can protect my skin very well, can see the effect just after a couple days
+ the packaging is very simple and cute, easy to carry, and doesn’t easily spilled
+ moisturizing but it doesn’t feel sticky in the skin

CONS (-)
-        - Need to apply it again after several hours
-        - Easily removed by simply rubbed with a water

You can say that i positively recomend you guys to try it. You won’t regret it, i guarantee hehehe. And about me, purchase it again? Of course.
And last but not least, if you want to also join this beauty blog competition, you can find the information by simply click the picture on my sidebar or the picture below. Bye and good luck, ladies!

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  1. Great product and you showed us and told us perfectly the benefits of it!
    For me the Smooth&Glow variante would be the perfect choise :)
    Have a great day!

    1. Hello, Andy! Aw thank you so much. And yes, i'm having a great day! Hope you have a great day too ;)

  2. Definitely love your writing and your presentation ^^ pictures are adorably beautiful. So lucky for you to have beautiful skin with Marina :)
    Please visit back my post too ^^ Stay Pretty: Marina 24h Beauty Challenge

    1. Already, doll <3
      Your post is also adorable. It's really lovely to share the product and seeing each others' reviews. So much fun! :)