Senin, 31 Maret 2014


Hello ladies, it's been a few weeks since my last post. I've been so busy but luckily this week i have extra holiday because here in Indonesia we have Nyepi (hindus feast) so in this long weekend i'm trying a new nailart which i've always wanted to try on my nails for a long time. It's BURBERRY pattern manicure.
Burberry has a unique pattern which is easily recognizable, so i thought to make nailart patterned like this brand.

And come examples i got online from google, flickr, pinterest, and some youtube tutorials really help me to make this manicure. Here's some example that i got on the internet (really sorry that i dont remember where i got it, i've searched it for so long time ago, just tell me if you own there pictures i got below)

And from these pictures above, i think i need to make some differences. First, the pattern looks like need an extra concentrate and patience which i really bad in it hahaha. So i try to combine between 'complicated' and 'easy'. I mean, i wanna try to combine between 'the pattern' and 'the colour'.
Second, if i do all of my nails with the pattern, it's gonna be look kinda 'crowded' on the five nails. So i think it's better if i have 2 nails as 'balancer' of the pattern. I will apply just a plain mani with one colour. But the colour needs to be strong enough to balance the pattern in the 3 other nails.
So, here's my version of Burberry manicure...

The nail polishes i need to make this manicure are (from left to right) :
+ Sheer Rose - Revlon
+ White colour - The FaceShop
+ Black dotting pen - The FaceShop
+ Fire - Revlon (applied by the tiny brush i got from KS Nailart)

And how to do it is very simple and i'm 100% sure that everyone of you can do it by yourself!
p.s. what you need is just the polishes, the tools, and patience, trust me ;)

This is the step by step how i do mine :

1. Apply the base-colour (Sheer Rose-Revlon) and make the cross pattern on it with the white polish (The FaceShop)
2. Make the black line with black dotting pen (The FaceShop). It's 3 horizontal and 3 vertical lines.
3. Last, make the red line by the fire polish from Revlon. Make 1 horizontal and vertical line each and make it until it looks like what i do on mine on the picture (crossing line)

So, dare to make one?
I'll so glad to see your version of this manicure. Make sure you do it with patience, ok?
Good luck! xoxo -