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Inspiring Nailartist : Julie Taslim

This time i'm going to introduce you my friend, one of talented nailartist i've ever knew. First time we knew each other was in Instagram. We have same passion and it's called nailart. One time i think i want to introduce her to all of my reader so you guys will know how adorable and inspiring she is :)

She’s a beautiful lady, a lovely wife, a super mother of 3 kids, an owner of a fashion boutique, and also a really inspiring nailartist. She's now already living her dream life with a very huge interest on fashion, nailart, and interior designing.
Since she was young (i mean younger, you know she's still so young) decide to keep on doing what she love and having a perfect and success life because she always enjoy and dedicate her life to what she did. You can find her on instagram @julietaslim, you can just call her Julie. So, let’s meet Julie!

Here's some short chats (or you can call it an interview because i really mean to make it for this post :D ). Julie's little talk about her life, passion, and of course, nailart!

Hello Julie, it’s really great that finally we can make time to have a chat (We already plan to having a post about her but she seems to be so busy huhu)
= Yes, Mayang.. I really am sorry to make you wait for so long. I’m so bussy right now designing my home interior.

It’s really  fine, sissy. So, first question, when did you start nailart-ing?
= it was started about 7 years ago. I was doing and interested in extention gel nailart before. But in this last 3 years, i start to make a nailart, i mean make a pattern, drawing, on the nails. You should start to learn drawing with gel polish, Mayang. Really. Your drawing is really good and i think it’s gonna be better if you can do it not only with the liquid polish but also the gel one.

Ah, i really loved to, trust me..   Thank you so much and i will try it next time! :D Anyway, do you just did your nails and maybe your realted and friends’ nails, or other people can also ask you to do their nails?
= No, i’m not only doing my nails. I do my related, friends’, and also people who want me to do theirs but with some payment hehe but for my related and friends it’s for free. (Hehe that’s what i actually do too, miss! :p)

You’re seems to be so great at nailarting, do you actually a designer or have a design basic education before?
= Hahahahaha no, i am not. I actually don’t have any specific designing education. I just really love to  designing but i’m sucha terrible person on drawing something. Really! But i don’t know why, i feel that i can draw on the nails really well.

Yes, you can draw on the nails really well, sissy. Seriously, i think you’re an architect or an interior designer. But, i can understand that, because sometime when we love something, we just can do anything even something that we actually think we cannot do, right?
= Yes, i can’t agree more about it. How about you? You’re really good at drawing on the nails and also nailarting. Why don’t you try to be a nailartist? Do you know, that the secret of success is: once you decide on your occupation, you must immerse your self in your work. You have to fall in love with your work, never complaint about your job. You must dedicate you life to mastering your skill.
(I really stop for couple seconds after hear what she said, she’s really right but even i really have a big passion on nailarting, being a nailartist will always be a part of my dream and my life. But being an architect is already in my deepest mind and heart. I’m still trying to find what i really love actually.. But i will never let my ‘architect’ and ‘nailartist’ part go from my soul. Because my biggest dream is still my biggest secret anyway, and it’s not really related to architecture or nailarting world :p ... So after that we continue again our interview hehehe)

What’s your other interest beside nailart?
= I actually have a really huge interest on interior designing and fashion too. I have a boutique here in Jakarta that sell korean fashion and clothes. I get the items myself so that’s why i oftenly go to Korea to choose and get em myself.

Wow, so you’re also an owner of a boutique. How long have you been having a boutique? Do you have any future plan for it?
= Yes, of course. I have a plan to make a nails and lashes saloon here. So it’s gonna be not only a boutique but also a boutique and saloon. ( Then she asked me do i work now, because she actually looking for a nailartist but it’s so sad that now i’ve choose my way to be an architect. Then we decide to wait for the time to answer, if we’re really meant to be a partner, so we’re going to make it, J!)

Alright now back to the nails, you are a wife and a mother of 3 cute children. And now we actually find out that you’re also an intrepreneur for having a fashion boutique. For your ‘me-and-my-nails-time’, how do you make the time? Do you do your nails on your spare time or you make your time to do it for your daily nails activities?
= I make my time to do my nails, because if i’m waiting for a really free time so i’ll never gonna make it hahaha (yes indeed, that’s what also happened on me too) so everytime i have an idea or a great mood to do a nailart so i’ll just do it.


So, there’s so much that i can get from our really short interview last night. She’s really kind and beyond what i’ve ever thought about her, she’s really inspiring, really. She remind us not to forget to pursue our dream even if we don’t have any special basic education about it. Because your success and happiness not only depend on your education. It much depend on our passion and how hard we try to pursue it and keep it in our heart and mind that there is no edge in loving our job and work. If we are really good and love something, and we never complaint about it, that’s what our real passion is. Keep it, improve it, and just do it. Don’t be afraid to dream so high about it because once we fell in love with our passion, we will always find a way to reach it ;)

Then we ended the conversation with she promised to invite me to her nails and lashes saloon right after it’s opened. And it’s now happened! Her salon is now open in Jakarta. The name is Onnie Salon. For all of you (especially you who live in Jakarta) please stop by and have your nails done by Onnie ;)

For all of you who has already love nailart, you have to come and try their service by yourself! And Onnie also has kind of nailart course with a nailart expert from south korea which makes this salon has a complete package! :)
You can see Onnie Studio nailart by stopping by at their instagram @OnnieStudioAnd special for my friend Julie and her lovely Onnie Studio, i'm having a giveaway at my Instagram @mayanganindita, what you need to do is just repost the photo that i posted, which is the picture of Onnie Studio Voucher worth IDR 100K each! I have 5 vouchers for 5 lucky repost-er so what are you waiting for? This giveaway will closed at May 2014.

Here's some snap from Onnie Studio interior:

And if you still question Onnie Studio's works, here some nailart that done by Onnie:


And last but not least, here some capture of Julie's nailart and nail-torial (a very lovely london nailart!) Hope it can inspire you, ladies. Because there's nobody that can't do nailart. We can do it if we think we can. Just try and love the result ;)

Have a great day, ladies! Don't forget to join the giveaway.. Make sure you're gonna be part of the lucky one who win the voucher ;) for further information you can reach me via Line: mayanganindita or just simply ask me at my Instagram account: @mayanganindita. Thank you xoxo

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  1. waaa mayang mainnya sama istrinya joe taslim :O

    1. Hahahaha iya kamu ga mau main sama aku lagi sih sekarang huft ._.

  2. She is an inspiring young woman. To have three kids and have such a great carrier, well I admire her!

    1. Yes, she is Andy.. She's so kind and talented, gonna be one of my role-model >,<

  3. Great interview! That is a very inspiring story! I'm really hating my job now and thinking of quitting but have no idea what to do... I do have a passion for nail art too but it's more my hobby. It always makes me feel better when I'm in a bad mood. I don't know if I would enjoy doing nails for other people though. I enjoy coming up with designs and being creative... I'm worried if I have clients then I will have to do their nails how they want them to look and it will take away the enjoyment for me :(

    1. If you're really enjoy to do something, and going to make it as your job, you should be ready for any risk. And the bad time at your job wont take away the enjoyment from you, it's part of the enjoyment itself! Because every job always have the bad side and bad times, but if you really really love what you do, it wont cause any matter. Because everybody deserve the job that they love <3

  4. Kalo blh tau umur brp ya ci jul skrg?

  5. Kalo blh tau umur brp ya ci jul skrg?

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