Minggu, 21 September 2014

Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish - Review

Hello! It's been 5 months since my last post and finally today i can make my time to do another post. Pfft life just being so rush lately. I'm sorry that i've been neglecting my blog and you my lovely readers for a very long time. My time was so taken up to finish my office's project and tadaa! One of my project is now finished (almost done 100% actually) so i can make time to fondling my blog hahahaha

Anyway, today for my comeback i specially present this post for Maybelline Color Show. Because.... i really in looooove with their polishes! I bought it about 5 months ago and they're now up already, so i need to buy another bottle tho :p

This product is a little bit (maybe bery different but for me they are quiet close) the same with Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish. Even the bottle, the packaging, and the colors are different but they both offer the same excellence, it's that both of them are dry fast. I dont need more than 3 minutes to wait them dry after i applied em on my nails. Super love!

What makes them really different is (i think) the packaging, i mean the bottle. For me, i prefer Maybelline Color Show. The packaging is so simple and what do i call it.... fashionable, perhaps? hahaha maybe you can judge it by yourself after see the packaging, so here they are.. My 3 first Maybelline Collor Show Nail Polish!

So, what do you think? Quiet cute right? I love how they make it like a cute tiny little tube with black cap on it. Dashing <3

Anyway, couple months ago when i bought them at Matahari Department Store, i got a prom so when i bought Maybelline product with Color Show items with it and they cost more than IDR 150.000, i'll get 1 free pretty purse. I picked the pink one as my gift <3

Let me introduce you my 3 favorite first collection from this product, actually the colors are pink-salmon, deep green, and icy-blue. They are Coral Craze, Tenacious Teal, and Blueberry Ice. My favorite of these three? Can't find one because i love them all :D

Coral Craze (211) - it is a very very very beautiful pink-salmon color! I've once have a salmon color but not this pink, so since pink is my favorite color, so this is my best salmon color i've ever had! And btw, this polish is quiet gel so i dont need to apply it twice or thrice, but once i applied it on the nails, it stick perfectly.

Tenacious Teal (301) - is a deep green color which is not really dark but it's deep already. It makes this color match with any other color so it's not hard to combine it with other color also outfit. For formal or casual event, this color also match enough, i think :)

Blueberry Ice (403) - is as icy as its name! The fresh blue color i very pretty that makes me who dont like blue, choose it and love to wear it on my nails :p This blue is not really blue, somehow in outdoor it looks so light so it looks quiet white. But in indoor, it looks fabulous!

And this is how i combine these 3 fabulous color on my nails..

like i said before, these color are accidentally match each other, so what color will you grab for your Color Show collection? Make sure you have more than 1 so you can mix and match them on your nails like what i did. Just an idea, maybe it's gonna be great to make a water-marble since they're dry fast. So, dare to try? ;)