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Halloween (Part 1) : How The World Looks in Her Eyes..


This year i tried to be a reindeer. Isn't it scary to have the reindeer come at halloween, not christmas? Hoho so, here i give you a peek about my make up and transformation.. into a reindeer..

As the opening of my halloween post, let me tell you a story...

This is a story of a girl. A story about how she stands on the same ground with all of us, but sees things very differently to most people. A story about how she hears and distracted by things that not everyone can hear, and how she is considered strange by many people because she is often tells things that not everyone can easily believe on it. So, before i start, this girl’s story is not for you who do not have an open mind... just considered that this world is not about the world that you can see.

There was a very fine morning that suddenly a little girl said to her nanny ‘I think i saw someone in front of our home, she looks so old and sick, can you check it for me?’ ‘But there’s nobody outside, i’ve check like 3 times, maybe you’re just too sleepy, want to take a nap?’ Then her nanny took her to her bed room, put her on bed and asked her if she wanted milk or something. But suddenly she said ‘Nanny, she’s here, so i was right that she’s sick. Her eyes are sick.’ ‘What do you mean by she’s here? Nobody is...’ ‘She’s there. I think she’s blind because she has no eyes, do you think we should take her to the doctor?’. A little girl pointing to an empty corner of her bed room with her nanny had nothing to say. The nanny thought she must be kidding but suddenly she felt a goosebumps and a cold air across her back neck. So, that’s how the nanny passed her last day on that house.

‘You know that there’re somethings that you can’t tell to everyone. Sometime people get scared and being so sensitive about that things.’
‘What things?’
‘Like the sick grandma you saw this morning, bibi can’t see her, that’s why she’s so scared and don’t want to be here because she’s scared of that grandma and also ‘the others’ so, if you see them, with no eyes, no head, burnt skin, a very long hair, white clothes, and other unnormal physical appearance, don’t tell people. You can tell me because i can also see them, but don’t talk to them.’
‘Why i can’t talk to them? Sometimes they look so sad and sick.’
‘If you talk to them, it looks like you talking to the air, it’s like you talk to nobody and you’ll be looked strange, people will think you’re unnormal, we can communicate with them but not like when we talk to normal people. Just ignore them, it’s fine. Understand?’
‘Yes, daddy.’

15 years later..

‘So, they’re here, aren’t they? What are they doing? Do they know that we’re talking about them?
I can’t answer her question honestly. Just like those people who always ask me the same question. Just like those friend i used to have when i was a little kid. Nobody can really stand with my kind of answer. I really don’t get it, even after years, why people always curious with such things. Can’t see it then curious, get to know about it then scared like crazy. Bfftt.
‘Why suddenly? Hahaha. Nope. Just a woman at the corner of this room but now she’s dissapear. So, this room is just kinda.. yea, how should i say it? Empty? Safe enough?’
The woman, who was standing with her back in front of me, who was standing in the corner of the room, who was wearing a long white clothes that reach the floor. Her hair is almost half the height of the body. She then turned her face to me, and also my friend who didn’t recognize her appearance. Suddenly, she came closer but in every step that she took she dissapeared.
Huh? One rule that i always remember about their kind. A sudden disappearance means a sudden appearance. So, i counting.. 3.. 2.. 1.. and i turned my body, and voila, there she was. Behind my friend who had no idea about what’s around her.
She stared at my friend, my human friend, with her red eyes.
Sometime i feel sorry about these people because they can’t see what i always see, but in another hand, i think they’re kinda lucky, tho. How lucky is that, they will never need to be disturbed by their appearance, their scary face, and even their annoying sound.. These people never have any idea how lucky they are.. And suddenly..
‘Doesn’t it really scary seing ghost everytime and hearing them suddenly on your ears?’
My lucky (and also unlucky) friend who had no idea about what’s behind her ask me. And i didn’t have a better answer than this..
‘It’s not since i’ve seen them since when i was a very little kid. I’ve seen even the scariest one like what we saw at the movies, with horn, with white clothes, with long hair, yea, like every-shape of them. So it’s not scary, but it’s shocking sometime.’
‘You make it even scarier don’t you know that?’ No, it’s not me that make it even scarier, you just don’t have any idea about what’s behind you.. but i can’t see this such thing to my friend. Except i want to loose a friend, again.
‘Hahaha you make it even funnier. If you’re scared why do you keep asking? I also feel weird about you people. Being scared by something you don’t even see..’
‘You know, human, curious.’
‘That’s what i love from the ghost, they don’t talk, they never curious.’
‘Well, very first question, do you communicate with them? How? I never saw you talk to ‘nobody’ or doing strange things like that.’
‘We communicate in our way. For people like us, sometime, some of us communicate when we’re sleeping, half asleep, or sometime even when i close my eyes and concentrate a little bit. But i don’t do such things oftenly. The risk is too big.’
‘I can’t imagine that such scary things happened to you. You look calm, and i’m sorry to say it, you look so tiny and weak, how can you stand and survive with them around? They’re around you everyday, every second, and every where, right?’
‘Yea, they’re every where around, every day, every second. But i’ve lived for 23 years with them around, i’ve used to them. Sometime when i’m staying on my own frequency, make a space with them so i can’t see them, it’s so peaceful but it’s strange for me without them around i feel a little bit empty. They are also a reason why i never feel alone even i never have sibling.’
‘Hmm i got it. So, you’re very used to them, right? But do you still uncomfortable when you’re going to unfamiliar or scary places?’
‘Yes it’s right that i’m used to them, i’m fine with them around. But scary place like an unfamiliar empty house, villas, or such place like a camp-ground, the creature there are not familiar with me, and i’m not used to them. It’s like we’re familiar with the animals around our home and suddenly we’re going to the jungle where the animals are also not familiar to the human. Different, right? They will act a little bit ‘aggressive’ and doing things that make me uncomfortable like staying too close or even starring at me. That’s totally uncomfortable, not scary, just make me not comfortable. But until today, i usually can just ignore them. That’s why i can easily ignore people that disturb me hahaha. Sometime my sixth sense helps me to ignore things.’
‘Hahaha, so there’s some benefits you can get from that scary talent, huh?’
‘Yeah, there is hahaha, so, do you want to try seeing one of them?’
‘No thank you so much, but no! Wow.. But wait, how can people like me seeing them? You ask them to come here? Or you will hypnotize me and make me go to their world or whatever?’
‘No, it doesn’t work like that. It’s simply like this, we all have soul inside our body, our soul and them (the ghosts) are at the same world, that’s why sometime we can feel and see them. But sometime we’re not at the same frequency, that’s why we can’t see them even when they’re around. For people like me, i was born with part of me has the same frequency with them, that’s why i can always see them, but in other hand, i can live normally just like other people. And why normal people like you sometime can feel or even see them? Because some of them also can go to our frequency, make human see them. Yea, just like that.’
‘Ah i got it, wow so much information, thank you for sharing. Anyway, what are you usually doing in your daily life so you can ignore them?’
‘You’re very welcome. Hmm luckily my job is quiet take my time. And more than that, i have a hobby that i really love so there are times i can really ignore them.’
‘Oh what a relief, so what is it?’
‘I’m working at an architecture consultant. And i really love doing nailarts. It can comfort me even when ‘they’ started to disturb me.’

Then i smile, my friend smile awkwardly. She knew i don’t smile at her, but at her.. who was there, behind my human friend’s back. Listening to each of every word that we say.. And then she also smile. A very cold smile, as cold as her hand that already have no soul. Do you any idea how i know that her hands are cold?
‘Wow, it’s too cold right now, here, right? Let’s go inside.’
‘Even if we get inside, your shoulders will still feel cold. Just stay until it’s gone by itself.’
‘Okay then. Hey wait, how do you know i feel cold at my shoulder?’
Now i couldn’t smile because it’s too hard to answer, but then she dissapeared. And my friend smile to me.
Oh, not again.
‘Get out from my friend, that body isn’t yours!’

To be continued...

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