Minggu, 16 November 2014

O.P.I Sheer Tints - Review & Swap

This O.P.I Sheer Tints has already been inside my polish rack for almost 20 weeks, it's almost 5-6 months ago since the first time i got it and loved it at the first sight <3
I got it from local online shop @ratukutek. They have a very complete collection of any brand of polishes. You can check their website and instagram for further informations.

Back to this Sheer Tints polish by O.P.I, maybe i can recommend you to have this especially if you are a big fan of ombre or any tinted nailart. Because with this sheer-tints polish you can do ombre wayyyy easier that using a 'regular' polish which you may need sponge to help you do the ombre.

At first, i was falling in love with the packaging. It's so simple but has every detail of the products especially it has pictures on the side of the packaging that show us what can we do with the polish, i mean it show some tricks that you can do with the polish for your nails.

This O.P.I Sheer Tints polish has 4 beautiful colour. And if you ask me which one is my favorite. Honestly i can't tell because they are all have their own beauty. The Violet, Amber, Magenta, and Teal are too beautiful to be compared each other. I also think they're way perfect if they're applied together on one nail. Here they are :

And with this sheer tints i already do sooo many nailart and manicure but basically i have 2 kind of nailart that i usually do with this polish, they are : watercolor nails & ombre nails.
And they're soooo easy so  that you can do it by only 2 kind of nail polish. It's the base polish & O.P.I Sheer Tints.

1. Water Color Nailart by O.P.I Sheer Tints

*sorry for the nail-torial, i was having a nailart on my nails right now so that i can't do the tutorial but i hope these pictures above are clear enough lol :p

and this is how the water-color nailart done on my own nails...

2. Ombre Nailart by O.P.I Sheer Tints

Basically the ombre seems like the easiest one, you just need to apply the sheer polish layer by layer. But the difficult step is that you need to wait until the first layer dry enough so that you can apply another layer. Different with the watercolor nailart, you don't need to wait until the first color dried, the wet polish make the watercolor effect even better i think...

So this is the nail-torial (sorry just like the watercolor, i can't do the tutorial on my own nails so this is my nail-torial cartoon version :p)

It's gonna be fun to see another version and tricks or tips using this Sheer Tints polish from O.P.I so if you have another idea of using this i'm gonna be so glad to see your ;)

Selasa, 11 November 2014

Halloween (Part 2) : The (Eye) Monsters Manicure

It's November 12th and i'm still so into Halloween since it's my favorite holiday for the whole year hoho. For me Halloween is not only about wearing costumes, collecting chocolates and candies, or even being scary or scared. Halloween is a moment when everyone celebrating a day with the devils and monsters. It sounds scary and doesn't right i think, but let me put it this way: it's a holiday that considered you that you're not alone in this world. That human is not the only one who has this world. We live together them and share the place and time with them too. So, this time i'll show you how a monster can look funny and cute!

A one eye monster like Mike Swazovski in Monster Inc is my inspiration for this manicure. So, my mani this time consist of three parts: the colorful skin, an eye, and a mouth/lips. To make it not scary (because i'm soooo done with people scary with monsters, please, they can be cute in some ways :p) i put colorful color as a base for their skins and cute facial expressions for each monster on each nail that illustrated by cute-lips-expressions.


1. choose a color to be the skin of the monster, for this example i choose my favorite, pink. And this pretty pink polish is Revlon Top Speed - Candy.
2. Still with the same polish with the monster's skin, with dotting tools, make the horn of the monster on the edge of your nails and your skins.
3. to do the eye, use white color. This time i'm using white polish from Trendy Nails by The FaceShop.
4. enhance the eye with the dotting pen to make a perfect circle. I'm using The FaceShop Dotting Pen.
5. to do the lips use dotting pen in black color. I'm using The FaceShop Dotting Pen - black.
6. inside the white base for the eye, use green/blue as the pupil of the eye. You can use the dotting tools to do it.
7. inside the pupil, use dotting pen again to make the black part of the pupil.
8. to create the effect of light reflection in the eye, use the white dotting pen again. Make a dot on the black pupils for the effects.

Voila, and......... DONE!
I'll be very happy to see your version of one eye-cute-monsters on your nails :D

Happy (Late) Halloween!
Still wanna trick or treat? ;)