Sabtu, 17 Januari 2015

O.P.I Sheer Tints part II - Monarch Butterfly

Dearest readers,
this time i'll post another experiments using O.P.I Sheer Tints.
Maybe many of you already see this manicure before in another blogs or websites, but i decided to keep make the post and also the nailtorial (my very own version) of MONARCH BUTTERFLY manicure!
This nailart really simple and beautiful, the point of the design is the color of the wings. The Monarch Butterfly's wings usually shown in gradient/ombre nail color. So that's why i'm using O.P.I Sheer Tints here. This O.P.I product is the best to do this manicure in my opinion. They blend well and the gradient they made is beyond perfect, seriously! :D



1. apply the base color, i'm using Yellow from Trendy Nails by The FaceShop
2 - 4. apply the sheer tints by O.P.I, i'm using Don't Violet Me Down. The purple color blend well with the yellow base so it makes a soft brown color, really look like the real monarch butterfly wings. For the first layer, apply the sheer tints to the whole nail, second layer is a half nail, and the last layer is a quarter of the nail. That will make the gradient look good.
5 - 7. start draw the wing's pattern. I'm using black dotting pen by The faceShop to make it easier to do the pattern.
8. Fill the Black area of the wings with black nail polish (you can do it with any black polish, but this time i'm using Black polish by The FaceShop).
9. For finishing touch, make some white dots (i'm using white dotting pen by The FaceSHop) at the black part. And it's done!


But i also make some modification here. How if the monarch butterfly turn into a Rainbow-Monarch-Butterfly? How if the wings are not only have 1 color but colorful like a rainbow? Let's see..

I'm using all of the Sheer Tints color from the minis series of this product, the base i'm using white color (to do this rainbow effect i already the tutorial a couple post before, or you can see it HERE)

Aaah i really love the butterfly with rainbow color, hahaha how about you? Have you done this monarch butterfly manicure on your nails? How's your version of this mani? Dont forget to use your imagination to modified your own monarch butterfly :D

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  1. wow, dear, I like your butterfly-like nails! Are they able to take you on the wings and care far-far away from here?)