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The Body Shop COLOUR CRUSH - Swatches & Review

Hello there, very long time no post. Sorry for procrastinate my blog post for a couple months, it's because my job at the office becoming soo cray cray lately. I cant make it to do any post even that i really wanted to :(

So today, i wanna review my new babies that i just got last week. It's The Body Shop new nail polish products, COLOUR CRUSH.
The name is so catchy and make me really want to now, do they really going to be my crush?
I saw at the internet, the colors are quiet attractive and they give you quiet a lot options of shades, here they are...

So, i went to the closest The Body Shop store in my city and got some of these pretty polishes for me.
The first time i saw the packaging, i think it has quietly the same shape with Maybelline Color Show. But when Maybelline has a black cap at the packaging, The Body Shop bottle has the silver one.
Every bottle consist of 6,8 ml polish and i think it's good enough, i mean it's not too much which can make you feel that the polish will take forever to keep on your rack.

I took two color as a trial. I picked the deep-hot-pink and the half-peach-orange as my starter hoho
And for me, these color are look almost the same in a glance.

The pink one is 'Cupid Pink', i think the color is really suitable for every pink lover out there (also me). Because the pink is seriously pretty and match in every look and every situation (which is for every pink lover-once again like me-pink will never wrong) hahaha
But if you want the other pink, like, maybe you want the lighter one, you may try Rosy Cheek or Oh Petal. The pink are light but pink enough (i have no idea how to explain that hahahaha). You can check it at their website or at the polishes table i've showed you above.

And the second one, the peachy-orange polish that i picked, it's 'Just Peachy' shade. The color is absolutely refreshing. You can saw it and i know you do think just like me. But i dont think the name really show the polish, i think it's more like 'Just Orangy' that 'Just Peachy', do you think so?

You can see the price, i think it's quiet pricey, i mean, the price (in Indonesian Rupiah it's 99.000 or around US$ 8) is only a couple bucks from O.P.I and China Glaze in my country (which is usually go for 150.000 in rupiah or around US$ 12), but the endurance is a little bit dissapointing.
The first day i applied it on my nails, i immadiately get the scratch on it. The polish are peeling just by a slight crash. I mean, it doesnt last as long as i thought before.

So here's a little conclusion about my swatches and review for The Body Shop Colour Crush (the grade is from 1-10) :

The Endurance : absolutely i dont think i can say that it's satisfy me, because it's not even last as long as a thought. But because it's also 'not that bad' i think it's 5.5 out of 10.
Color Options : they're just launched this products but the color are so attractive and vary. So i really appreciate this one, so the color options is 9 out of 10.
Scent : sometime i find a polish can make me dizzy because the scent is too strong. But this one is not that strong so the scent is good enough. Even though, i think Body Shop can make it more perfume-less, yeah, just like their other products, so it's 8 out of 10.
The Speed of Drying : well yeah, it can dried quiet fast, so i'm satisfy with the speed. It's 8 out of 10.
The Packaging : i've told you before that the packaging is not really attractive. The bottle shape doesnt show the 'pricey' qualty. And more about it, the other brand already has almost the same packaging with this one, so i think they should try another shape to make people think 'wow that's The Body Shop polishes!' even when they saw it from afar or just a glance. So the packaging is 6 out of 10.

And last but not least...


Because it's easier for me to find Body Shop's at mall than another good polishes here in my town. And another reason is that the colors that they offer are vary but not too many so it doesnt make me confused to choose one. Another polish are tooo many various color and sometime it makes me confused which one that i already have and which one that i should purchase.

What do you think? ;)


Further information:

The Bodyshop Indonesia Official Account -- instagram -- web page -- facebook

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  1. I don't own any Body Shop products but I've read a lot of good things about it. The polish shades are very pretty and I absolutely love the presentation and review that you made! Have a fantastic day!

    1. Yes, i buy them also because i've read a lot of good things about it. And the other reason is because they dont do animal testing and really against it! I really appreciate it :D

  2. I really didn't like the body nail varnish, colours are average and it pills and cracks very easily, that is why they were giving it away here http://www.fabfreesamples.co.uk/free-body-shop-nail-varnish/ must have lots of left over stock!