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Fifty Shades Of Grey by O.P.I - Review and Swatches

For every fan of Mr.Grey, maybe these polishes are for you.
Make sure this O.P.I Fifty Shades Of Grey are now already on your shelf. But if they're not, maybe you should read my review and consider to get them by yourself.

For me, i got this polishes from an online shop here in Indonesia, i bought them on Instagram from @thepolish_id. I dont remember about the price but i think the price is quiet fair for an online shop and because O.P.I Products cant be easily found here in my town so i decided to buy online.

So before i review them, here i introduce you the content of the products:

O.P.I Minis 'Fifty Shade Of Grey' Collections
- My Silk Tie
- Dark Side Of The Mood
- Romantically Involved
- Embrace The Gray
- Shine For Me
- Cement The Deal

Each color represent different detail from the movie. I really adore the story but when they make the movie, i think it's a little bit disappointing. If you haven't read the novel or any synopsis about the movie, it will make you confused. But what i really think that make the movie not as good as the novel is that every character isn't played well by the actor and actress. Mr. Grey isn't as charming and perfect as the novel told about him. And Anastasia's act is the worst. It's not that i'm a good actress or what but if you watch the movie you will know why i said so.. I'm so dissapointed and i hope in the next movie (Fifty Shade Darker) Dakota already improve her acting skills.

Andddd back to the polishes!
Here let me give you review of each


My Silk Tie
i think this color inspired by Mr.Grey's favorite tie to bind his subs. It's also Ana's favorite and oftenly appeared in the movie.


Dark Side Of The Mood
this color is so dark and describe the dark side of Mr.Grey. The abuse that he got when he was a little child make him a sadist that lead him being a dominant on his sex life. This color is a dark grey, well, the name explain a lot.


Romantically Involved
the blood red color inspired by the Red Room of Pain of Mr.Grey. The room are so 'red' and, well, you should watch the movie by yourself because it's quiet hard for me to explain in words ;)


Embrace The Gray
nobody ever really close with Grey's heart. And until the time Ana came and everything's change. She embrace the gray side of Mr.Grey. She make him do romance. Now you really want to watch the movie, wont you? Maybe i should suggest you to read the novel, maybe just read the novel.


Shine For Me
The dazzling grey give you a romantic nail color but in another hand it also feels so cold and pretty. This polish is a sheer color so i suggest you to apply a base color first then apply this as a top coat. This time i have Cement The Deal as the base coat so it looks like a light sparkling grey. I think this polish inspired by how sparkling Ana's life after she met Grey. And so does Grey's.


Cement The Deal
Maybe some of you already know about The Deal that Ana and Mr.Grey have. Maybe this polish inspired by it. It's a contract about their Subs-Dom Relationship which ended up she never sign it. And in the next novel you will know that........... (i'm so kind that i wont give you any spoiler this time, you should thank me because i'm usually a spoiler-ghost :p)


So, which color is your favorite?
I really love Cement The Deal and Shine For Me.
But if you once try Pelican Grey from Chine Glaze you might feels that Cement The Deal is quiet similar with Pelican Grey.
And i think both of them have the same quality so it's all only about the brand.

I'm trying to do some nailart with these collection and it ended up like this (it's a super quick mani so i hope it doesnt look that bad) :p


And do you guys curious about the next of this trilogy?
I've just finished read Fifty Shade Darker and maybe..... i'll review it on the next couple post (i told ya i'm a spoiler ghost :p) but i'm will not only review about the novel but i'll also bring my latest vacation in Singapore which i also brought the novel along with me as a companion when i'm waiting every flight.

See you later!

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  1. I love, love your presentation and the polishes indeed are nice, all of them. The name of each of them are great too. I read the book, now I am at the end of the second volume and I have to mention that I like it more than the first one.

  2. Wonderful post! Thank you!

  3. Uwaaaaw I love your nail and nail art .

  4. wow that was s a very detailed nail polish review :) love the nail designs too!