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Rumpumpumpurple & Surfgreen Petitgguy (1) - The Reviews

Last week i just got these newest collection of Petit'gguy from my boyfriend, Rumpumpumpurple & Surfgreen Petit'gguy. These cutie are my 8th and 9th petits after the Pandagguy (the 7th) that came a couple months ago.
Just like the other Petit'gguy, the 8th and 9th ones come in a small box that still have the same design with the previous ones. The boxes are like this, i bet if you're a collector like me, they're gonna look familiar :

but since these two have additional items for each of them, the runner are a little bit different.
For the Rumpumpumpurple, we can see the additional drum with broken-white color which is also the color for the base and bow.
And for the Surfgreen, the guitar, base, and back-bow are presented in sweet brown color.
So, if you already have the previous collection, you absolutely realized that this two has more color than the previous ones. Just like the Pandagguy, they have 3 different color of runner, which the previous 6 are only have 2 color in a pack (correct me if i'm wrong).

and as you can see, the manual step by step are quiet the same with the previous collection, so if you've already had the other seven, i think you don't even need to sneak a peek into that paper. Because even for the additional new instrument like the guitar and the drum, you just need to put it on the shoulder before you put the head on the body. Maybe you just need to put attention on the stickers because they're so tiny and the tidier you put it, it's the better.
These are the stickers for each of them :

For me, after build my seventh model of petitgguy (also the panda), it's easier now to build it by cut them appart from the runner first, then build them after that. Because if i really follow the step by step as written at the manual, for me, it takes a lil more time :p
So i usually put them appart like this :

and fyi, because of the additional instrument/items, you need to put the head after you put the instrument like this, because the guitar and the drum are placed at the shoulder :

and for the tails, i just realize that the hole isnt really round!
it looks like this :

And after some simple steps.............
It's done! hehehehehe :D

Closer look of these two cutie :

What do i think about these Petit'gguy number 8th and 9th :

So, what about you?
What do you think about these two?
Overall, because i really like them since the first time Bandai launched them, i think if you ask my opinion, i'm gonna be biased, hahaha
And because of that too, next week i'm going to show you my petitgguy nails that inspired by these two cuties so, stay tuned :)

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