Sabtu, 05 November 2016

Rumpumpumpurple & Surfgreen Petitgguy (2) - The Nails

The last time i talked about My newest petitgguy collections, i tell you how i think about the products. Now, as usual, i paint the bears on my nails!
For this Petitgguy Nailart simple design, you just need these :
- light or lime green color nail polish
- darker shade of green color nail polish
- light & darker purple nail polish
- base & top coat polish for before and after the nailarts
- black small rhinestone for the bears' eyes & nose

- - - - -

And here a little step by step of my petitgguy nails :

1. Prepare your kit! This time i will just demonstrate the purple one, so here are the kits..
2. Make the half-circle head of the petitgguy using the darker shade of your polish, darker purple & green.
3. use the same polish to make the ears.
4. by using the light purple (here i'm using Lily by Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish) make the mouth area. It's a smaller half circle at the tip of the nails.
5-6. while the polishes are still wet, put the small black rhinestone to be the eyes and nose of the bear.
7. after the 3 rhinestones are already on the face, wait till the polish dry.
8. after the polish really dry and done, you can apply the top coat. remember that you really need to wait until it's really dried, because the oat may ruin the face (especially the nose & eyes). They may changed position if the polishes are still wet!

- - - - -

And these are the coat and rhinestone (i actually forgot to use a base coat, and it makes my nails yellowish later, so u need to apply top coat first).
What i can suggest you is Revlon's base & top coat which can be used as base coat before you apply polishes, and also can be a finish touch after you done with your nails. This is the product you can see it here --> Revlon Base & Top Coat.

I got these mate top coat and the small rhinestones in wheel from
They will give you a very fast respond by email & fast shipping process too!
We just need to have a credit card or paypall account for the payment. IDK if they can proceed with debit card, tho.

- - - - -

Here's how my nails look after i apply matte top coat on it.
they are look dove and yet you can still see the contour of the face, eyes, and noses, that's why i prefer the matte one than the glossy coat!

For any further question and comments, you can just ask me!


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